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Generation Rent, the tenant’s campaigning group, which has consistently called for rent control, long-term tenancies and eviction restrictions, in tenancy legislation, is calling for emergency new funding.

The campaigning group, which says it is struggling to operate following the withdrawal of funds by its main funding partner, a charitable offshoot of The Nationwide Bank, is appealing for donations to save the organisation.

Generation Rent claims to campaign to “change the way renting works across the country”.

It says, “There are now over 9 million renters in England, and too many are getting a bad deal on something that should be their basic right – a decent, secure, professionally managed and affordable place to live. There are clear ways we can improve private renting, but we need your help.

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“By backing our campaigns, you can show government that there is a groundswell of support for changing the sector and together we can make the issues that private renters face too big to ignore…”

The troubled campaign group has renewed its call for rent controls following an election campaign of similar aims by the Labour Party, defeated at the polls.

Generation Rent says it needs £60,000 to continue operating after 31st of August.

The group put out on its Blog:

“Save Generation Rent – Donate Today! Generation Rent needs your help. We unexpectedly have only two months of funding left. There is a real danger that the campaign will simply vanish, and with it the national voice of private renters in the media and political debate.

“We are working hard to secure new sources of long term funding, but this will take months and we need your help now. We need to raise £60,000 by 31 August. These funds would allow us to continue our work empowering renters to put pressure on Parliament, the London mayoral candidates and local councils while applying for grants and building a sustainable organisation”

The group says that its services are needed as new figures released by the Department for Communities and Local Government show that families with children are now increasing found to be privately renting.

The group says:

“The Department for Communities and Local government released some of the datasets underpinning the latest English Housing Survey (comprising of data up to the year 2013/2014, the most recent we have) and the central finding is no longer surprising – the private rented sector continues to grow.

“What is much more concerning for people who recognise that private renting remains fundamentally insecure, is the number of families who are part of that growing population.

“In the last year for which there are figures, the number of households comprising of couples with dependent children increased by 201,000 (up from 17.7% to 21.3% of the total). This shows that the private rented sector is housing hundreds of thousands of more families – yet these households can be evicted with only two months’ notice, with all the potential problems such instability can cause for a child’s education, health and wellbeing.”

Experts in the private rented housing sector and landlord bodies counter some of Generation Rent’s arguments by saying that most landlords wish to retain their rent paying tenants as long as possible and don’t want to evict them.”

“Security of tenure is available to all those willing to pay their rent on time and look after the rental property,” said one landlord we spoke to.

Please Note: This Article is 6 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


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