A build-to-rent development is trying to sell its properties on the back of research about renting in the traditional PRS causing poor mental health.

A press release from The Keel in Liverpool cites recent research by housing charity Shelter that revealed how one in five people in privately-rented properties suffer from poor mental and physical health.

It claims the build-up of damp and mould are cited as the most common problem, with many landlords ignoring the plights of their tenants.

“Whilst living in poor conditions can affect our physical health, the toll and stress this causes can also cause severe mental health issues,” the promotional material explains helpfully.

Stress toll

“[The Keel] is helping to show how this new sector is building trust between tenants and landlords in a bid to ward off poor mental health due to living conditions and the toll of resulting stress.”

In a shameless plug for its facilities, the release boasts about its dedicated on-site team, regular socials, and communal areas, which help to boost the wellbeing of residents, and it adds: “Having a healthy social life is also crucial to help maintain your mental health.”

It believes the development on the city’s Queen’s Dock is helping to show how important it is to care for tenants, “prioritising their health to make for an all-round better rental experience” – showing just what a caring and compassionate bunch BTR landlords are.

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