In a rare piece of good news for landlords, housing minister Chris Pincher has today refused to commit bringing forward the abolition of Section 21 eviction notices to help protect tenants during the crisis.

Pincher was speaking in Parliament in response to questions from Labour MPs DR Rupa Huq and shadow housing secretary Thangam Debbonaire.

He dismissed calls from Huq to bring forward the abolition of Section 21 notices and said the government would only do it in a ‘safe, sustained and sensible’ way and that he had been working with the National Residential Landlords Association.

The previous Conservative government launched a consultation on whether to abolish Section 21 in July 2019 which ran until mid-October. Since then a decision has been expected but has yet to materialise.

Pincher also said the NRLA had told Ministers that rents are falling – currently at a rate of 1%.

This implies that he believes market forces rather than government intervention are a better way to make rented homes more affordable.

And in reply to Debbonaire, who quoted Shelter figures that a million people are struggling to pay their rent and that they face an eviction crisis in the autumn when the ban ends, said such a move would only ‘kick the can down the street’.

“Piling up costs for people who may not be able to afford would not be the right decision, and I think she should go away and think again.”


  1. Well, currently Section 21 and Section 8 are already ‘abolished.’ So clearly they don’t need to bring forward a ban that is already in place.

  2. Debonaire said “Piling up costs for people who may not be able to afford would not be the right decision, and I think she should go away and think again.”

    Then why is she not fighting the piling up of costs against the landlord who must pass them on to stay in business? S21 is a fine example yet she supports it.

    Why is she not fighting the EICR electrical reports on the PRS when they’re not applied to the SRS?

    Why is she not fighting the Selective Licensing rip-off costs that are applied to the PRS when they are not applied to the SRS?

    Why is she not fighting the difference between social rents and affordable rents when a social landlord can uplift the rents by an average 47% when replacing the first type of tenant with one that can pay the latter?

    Why is she not pushing for lifting the eviction moratorium so that defective tenants can be removed to make way for those that are fleeing domestic abuse?

    Debonaire is completely clueless about housing.

  3. The eviction ban is resulting in many tenants running up huge arrears which they will never be able to afford to repay. And at the same time putting many Landlords into financial difficulties some whom will end up bankrupt (and tenants made homeless when the Lender evicts them).

  4. So Debonaire doesn’t want Landlords to be able to evict tenants who haven’t paid Rent !
    In the absence of her calling on the Govt to step in and pick up the tenants Social Security ‘Tab’ ( where justified ) she is transferring the burden of Private tenants debt onto landlords. – effectively sequestrating their property whilst the legal process has been Re-Moved.

  5. I am currently dying of heart Phalia my partner is recovering from the coronavirus and at the end of the suspension of section 21 we are being evicted because the landlord and the agent thinks they have spent enough on the property that we have rented for the last 12 years. I have had my car smashed up through previous tenants that I cannot prove it was them but there has been no other cars damaged. And I have lost my job through these people to whom I’ve been given a five bedroom house courtesy of the taxpayer. We have never missed a payment on a rent and these people get off scot lightly

  6. Politicians are trying to pass Govt responsibility on to Private Landlords. Majority of LLs I know are thinking of selling or reducing exposure, which will make tenants homeless anyways.

    Simple solution in my view is, if tenant is not paying then Govt should pay LL during the eviction ban.

  7. I have a tenant who has not paid his rent for 3-months and this is because he never declared what he was earning so therefore he’s not entitled to make a claim for money .I am the one out of pocket not him .He has obviously earned the money and just spent it on himself.


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