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Big boiler firm's green claims to face official investigation

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The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is scrutinising green claims from boiler maker Worcester Bosch to see if they mislead landlords.  

Its investigation will focus on whether the firm’s marketing claims about its ‘hydrogen-blend ready’ home boilers could infer they are more environmentally friendly than they are.

The CMA’s investigation will look at the use of labels or text stating that Worcester Bosch’s boilers can run on a blend of 20% hydrogen and natural gas, which might give the impression this is a special feature - despite all boilers in the UK being legally required to operate this way since the mid-1990s.

It will study information and messaging on the use of hydrogen for home heating in the UK - despite this not being currently available and its introduction being potentially years away and dependent on future government decisions.

Falsely suggest

Descriptions and information about the environmental benefits of ‘hydrogen-blend ready’ boilers which may falsely suggest that these boilers will reduce a household’s carbon footprint will also be scrutinised.

The CMA published a report earlier this year that highlighted concerns about a number of businesses making potentially misleading claims online about hydrogen use in boilers.

It has written to 12 firms that sell ‘hydrogen-blend’ boilers to warn them that they could be breaching consumer protection law.

George Lusty (pictured) senior director for consumer protection at the CMA, says: “Businesses need to be clear about the environmental credentials of the products they’re selling.

"This is especially important for heating products like home boilers, which are an expensive and long-term purchase. In the meantime, we’ll continue to keep a close eye on practices in the sector.”

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