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Banned landlord takes on critics, claiming tenants 'love him'

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A slum landlord who received the longest ever banning order has insisted that his tenants love him.  

Nilendu Das, who owns multiple rented houses, was added to the Rogue Landlord Database after a First Tier Property Tribunal case in Manchester brought by Sheffield City Council, but told the Sheffield Star that problem tenants trashing his houses had left some in such poor condition.

The landlord said: “I’ve had druggies and beggars – I’ve had c**p living in my house. They have damaged it, ruined it and all sorts of things yet I’m getting the blame for it. It’s not just me, other landlords have the same problem. But the tenants all love me as a landlord and said I’m the best - but the council have a different mind.”

Hit back

He hit back at the council, which earlier this year was found to have put tenants at risk due to failures to carry out gas safety checks in hundreds of homes; it reported itself to the regulator last November, confirming more than 800 safety checks were overdue.

“Look how poorly the tenants are living in council flats compared to my properties. They have leaks and are waiting for works to be done,” added Nilendu. “The chairman of the housing committee should concentrate on council flats that are uninhabitable for living rather than private landlords like myself.”

Chairman, councillor Douglas Johnson (pictured), said Das had a long history of operating and managing extremely poor quality housing and had been prosecuted numerous times.

“This latest prosecution has come as a result of Mr Das’ continuation of the most severe housing offences. His properties were some of the most dangerous properties ever seen by the council’s enforcement staff.”


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