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As house prices continue to rise, the level of home ownership has dropped dramatically. As a recent PwC report suggests, it is predicted that more than half of people under 40 in the UK will be renting homes by 2025. Here, Bob Andrew, Managing Director of Elfin Kitchens explores the benefits and possibilities that compact kitchens offer to landlords to ensure they can continue to provide basic cooking provisions for all of their tenants.

As all landlords should know, the majority of today’s renters have likely been pushed in to the rental market due to a lack of affordable owner-occupied housing. As a result, there has been a significant rise in people looking to rent houses and apartments across the UK. Importantly, however, a growing number of today’s renters are longer term, looking for properties and locations that suit their lifestyles and budgets for many years. Although this promises a stable rental income for landlords, it also means that tenants expect a well-presented, well-equipped property and increased service from their landlords. Those looking to attract excellent tenants therefore need to think beyond supplying minimal amenities and quick refurbishments when their properties are vacant.

Additionally, in 2015, the all-party parliamentary group on hunger (APPGH) made a recommendation to government ministers, as part of its ‘Feeding Britain’ report, that landlords who fail to provide basic cooking and kitchen facilities should have their licences revoked and be banned from letting property. Amongst other crucial findings, the report found that many landlords of private-rented accommodation in the UK are failing to provide adequate cooking facilities.

However, there is a simple and quick solution for the small number of UK landlords who need to provide better cooking facilities and better service to tenants in their properties. Compact kitchens are cost-effective, space saving and they work efficiently to satisfy tenants’ needs, ensuring they have all the necessary amenities to cook healthy, cheaper meals in their homes.

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As the most valuable space in the house, the kitchen is worth the most per square foot and can make a significant difference when letting your property. By upgrading and refurbishing the kitchen, not only does this offer prospective tenants a quality property with cooking facilities, but also adds significant value to the property itself when considering selling or re-letting.

This is particularly important when it comes to refurbishing smaller dwellings like apartments, studio flats, bedsits and homes of multiple occupation (HMOs) where increasing the lettable floor space is paramount, so a sleek new compact kitchen provides the perfect solution. For landlords, they are easier to install and maintain than many fitted kitchens and whatever the property or use of the kitchen, there are also bespoke options available to suit each requirement.

Additionally, landlords should focus on quick, cost-effective kitchen refurbishments because, more often than not, it is the most occupied area – especially in HMOs. If the kitchen is dated, in a poor condition or requires extensive repairs, landlords should consider a replacement to maximize the working area and facilitate the installation of modern fittings. A new kitchen never goes unnoticed by prospects and a refurbished area will give the properties a fresh look and feel, providing exactly what today’s renters are looking for – a well-designed, safe and clean place to prepare meals and gather with family or friends.

For example, compact, mini kitchens from Elfin Kitchens, are supplied to landlords pre-built in sizes 900mm to 1500mm wide and are designed to suit even the smallest accommodation. From microwave ovens to fridges with freezer compartment and optional dishwashers, Elfin’s kitchens are fitted with market-leading appliances to ensure that the products are long-lasting and efficient as any larger kitchen.

For more information on Elfin Kitchens, please visit, send an enquiry to or call 01206 545700 to discuss your requirements.

Please Note: This Article is 6 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


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