Watch our free webinar featuring Steve Barnes, Associate Director of Hamilton Fraser Total Landlord Insurance who has been working with landlords and leading landlord associations for over 20 years. Steve shares his insightful, half an hour presentation on ‘Coronavirus: Rent arrears, unoccupancy and inspections’, where he covers the status of rent guarantee insurance policies, the importance of mediation, inspections and tenant referencing and what to do if you have an unoccupied property.

This recording is just a snapshot of the high quality content provided at Landlord Law’s virtual conference that took place on Tuesday 12 and Wednesday 13 May 2020. Subscribe to Landlord Law’s YouTube channel for more helpful content.

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  1. How does the Property Redress Scheme work if tenants have already given notice and left? Does it still have jurisdiction to hear compensation claims from tenants against landlords?

  2. You mentioned how councils are looking to help tenants but what about helping those landlords with empty properties that are having to pay FULL 100% Council Tax? And with empty properties, they are unlikely to get the 3 month mortgage holiday too.

    Landlords with empty properties are bleeding money out of every orifice. And MPs are unwilling to help saying it is down to the councils to sort it out.

    Plus landlords are neither self-employed or employed and therefore get no Covid-19 assistance from the Government.



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