Laminate flooring or engineered wood flooring is the ideal choice for a rental property.

There are several reasons why this is the case, so if you need persuading then… read on.


As well as cost, most landlords want flooring to be a balance between durability, aesthetics and ease of cleaning – because that’s what most tenants want too.

Happily, both engineered wood flooring and laminate flooring achieve this balance.

Aesthetic appeal

Laminate flooring helps to provide the natural look that most people love about wood, but it is considerably cheaper.

Rental properties tend to need a more neutral-looking floor that most people would be happy with.

Vibrant colours and extensive patterns may suit some, but most tenants prefer to have something that looks a lot more neutral.

There are not many people who do not like the natural look of wood either.

Another bonus of laminate flooring is that printing technology has made it very difficult to tell laminate apart from a real wood floor.

And tenants who want to opt for a much more vibrant look can easily place a rug of their choosing to brighten up the space.

Easy to install

Laminate planks are easy to install. The best thing about them is that they essentially click together.

A local floor company will not usually charge a lot for the installation. If you opt for flooring such as tile or even carpet however then you may end up paying more for them to put it down for you, and you will probably need to replace it sooner too. This is the last thing that you want, as it’ll eat into your profits.

The seamless installation process also helps you to get a clean finish, every time.


If you opt for a good quality laminate, then this can last between 15 and 20 years.

Some laminate floors have been known to last up to 30 years if there are not many tenants and if they treat it very gently.

If you buy a good-quality laminate floor from a trusted company then you may find that they come with a very solid protective coating.

This means that the floor is far more scratch-resistant when compared to other types of flooring and it is also stain-resistant too. If an area does become damaged, then it is very easy to replace it if you buy a few extra planks.

Convenient to clean

Laminate flooring is preferred because it just needs a quick sweep and mopping. If tenants leave and they have not kept the floor clean, it doesn’t take long to rectify the situation. It doesn’t stain easily and, should it get overly wet, it is very easy to dry.


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