The freestanding bath has gone through a transformation in recent years and what was once seen as a heavy, claw-footed affair has turned into a sleeker, more chic model that’s perfect for the modern home and bathroom.

Claw-footed baths remain fashionable particularly if you install them in a bathroom with a traditional theme, but there are now many more styles that showcase a contemporary look and appeal.

But why are freestanding baths a more popular choice today? Here are the crucial reasons why.

A range of creative, stunning designs

You can now choose from some of the broadest selections of freestanding baths produced by various manufacturers, and they are now more than just a place where you can bathe.

You can create your own bathroom mood and ambience with your freestanding bath, be it nostalgic or elegant and modern.

Today’s baths feature lots of shapes, too, from rectangular to oval to round baths reminiscent of a Japanese tub.

Remember that many property owners choose to have a freestanding bath to serve as a centrepiece for their bathrooms, and when you carefully select your bath with this purpose in mind, it can transform your entire bathroom’s appeal and functionality.

They come in different sizes as well, so even if your bathroom is small, you can still install a freestanding bath in just the right size.


Freestanding baths now come in different sizes and shapes, and designs can range from double-ended baths to slipper baths where you can comfortably rest your head whilst you luxuriate in your bath.

Some double-ended baths are even fit for two people, so you can enjoy your bath with your special someone or use it to give two kids a bath at the same time! In terms of installation, freestanding baths are now more versatile because you can place them on a pedestal, right on the bathroom floor, in the centre, or in a corner.

But you have other options. Instead of just placing your freestanding bath in a corner, it’s easy to set it up anywhere you want. Placing your tub in the centre makes your bathroom space appear bigger than it is, for instance. And if you would like to showcase bathroom fixtures or want to show off your tiles, you have the necessary space to showcase these in style.

Easier and quicker installation

Compared to other types of baths, freestanding baths are easier and quicker to install. You don’t have to build or prepare a corner for your bath and then tile the corner and use caulk. All you have to do is place it on top of the flooring and set it up with the plumbing, and it’s good to go.

Another brilliant aspect about freestanding baths is that it is easier for you to walk around the tub, and this makes it inherently easier to maintain and clean.

With a freestanding bath, your property’s value can go up, and if you’re a landlord, the bath is a great addition that should attract the best tenants as well.


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