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Twelve years of hell is resolved in just five months after Landlord Action is called in.

LANDLORDS get a terrible press. They’re seen as the bad guys, the enforcers; but what about when tenants turn bad?

Tenants From Hell (ITV Thursday 6th July 2006) is back on screen with a programme of seven stories including that of landlord Gordon McGuiness who suffered 12 years of hell with a tenant who continually stopped paying his rent, leading to debts of more than £18,000.

Mr McGuiness suffered extreme bad health and a sleep disorder and had debt counselling. His problems were compounded by solicitors who mishandled his case as he tried in vain to evict his tenant and recoup his lost rent.

Salvation came only when Mr McGuiness discovered Landlord Action, the market leaders and longest serving independent company specialising in fixed fee property recovery and tenant eviction in England and Wales.

Within just five months Landlord Action secured a successful eviction.

Landlord Action director and co-founder Paul Shamplina, who appears in the ITV documentary, says: “The effect that a bad tenant has on a landlord can be terrible. We are like the Samaritans for landlords. We are all landlords ourselves here, so we know exactly how they are feeling.

“We are very blunt, to the point and very pro-active, we don’t sit on our backsides. Our mentality is that 80% of tenants won’t pay back the arrears so we need to get them out as quickly as possible so that landlords can try and re-let or resell. It’s a damage limitation process.�

Mr Shamplina gives advice to landlords in the programme. Landlord Action has helped thousands of landlords around the country with cases including: individual rent arrears of up to £80,000; rent arrears owing for up to three years; properties with up to 40 illegal tenants in residence; tenants who are prostitutes, drug dealers and violent criminals.

Landlords just need to access or call
0870 765 2005 for immediate help.

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Please Note: This Article is 16 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.