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Ahead of planned cuts to Local Housing Allowance (LHA) due to come into effect on 1st April 2011, tenant eviction specialists, Landlord Action, joined by other key industry experts, are once again hosting a one-day Local Housing Allowance seminar in an endeavour to educate confused landlords on the system and help to avoid a mass exodus from the social sector.

A topic of much debate, many industry figures have commented on the potentially damaging effect that these cuts will have on thousands, increasing tenant indebtedness and causing landlords to fall into mortgage arrears.

Paul Shamplina, Founder of Landlord Action comments “ever since the current LHA system came into effect in April 2008, our instructions against tenants in this sector have rocketed. In 2010, Landlord Action’s cases relating to LHA tenancy failure rose by 16%.

The LHA system can work but landlords are increasingly put off renting to this sector and current incentives, by way of direct payment, come at the price of lower rent, which naturally doesn’t have great appeal. I feel that landlords do not truly understand the capping system coming into effect.”

Councils rely on landlords in the Private Rented Sector to help provide accommodation to social tenants, but with the forthcoming reduction in allowance likely to plunge people into further arrears, landlords are going to be increasingly sceptical.

Paul continues “if we don’t educate landlords now, they will leave the social sector altogether and focus on the Private Rentals where they can charge higher rent to tenants, not claiming Housing Allowance. This could be counter-productive situation for the Government. Council Housing has an average 5 year waiting list, so the Government cannot afford to lose landlords renting to LHA tenants,”

The seminar, hosted by Shamplina, will be geared towards providing private landlords, letting agents and temporary accommodation suppliers with greater understanding of the LHA system and the impact of the new proposals.

The event will also welcome top experts in the sector including Bill Irvine, director of HB Advice & Advocacy and former head of benefits for one of the UK’s largest councils, and John Craddock, who has over 20 years experience at The Rent Service and The Valuation Office Agency and whose research has a direct effect on LHA in London.

The seminar will be held at the Holiday Inn Kensington Forum, London on 25th March 2011 from 9.00am to 5.00pm, Along with one being held at the Crown Plaza, Birmingham on Friday 8th April 2011. All Delegates will receive lunch and refreshments as well as a comprehensive education pack detailing everything to do with Local Housing Allowance.

For further information please visit or telephone Landlord Action on 020 8906 3838

About Landlord Action
Landlord Action is a UK based organisation helping landlords and property professionals deal with problem tenants.

Founded in 1999 as the first ever fixed-fee tenant eviction specialist, they revolutionised this area of legal practice. They have acted in 17,000 problem tenant cases and are considered the authority in this field. Unlike solicitors, Landlord Action will not act for tenants, only landlords and property companies.

Landlord Action run a free advice line to help landlords and property professionals understand their rights: 0333 240 9767

About Paul Shamplina
Paul Shamplina is one of the key founders of Landlord Action with 23 years experience in the legal field. He has previously worked as a legal clerk, private investigator, debt collector and certified bailiff.

He has appeared regularly on TV and radio and lectures across the UK at landlord seminars and events and still works full time in the office, heading up the team of advisors.

Paul believes passionately in the rights of the landlord and is always available for comment on any landlord/tenant matters.

Please Note: This Article is 12 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


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