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Why technology can give your business a big break

As a landlord, your life is far from idle as you work hard to find new tenants, manage your current ones, do the admin, find reliable tradespeople and much more.
Faced with this, more and more landlords are turning to technology to get things done, usually a property management platform.
Here are a few ways that technology can help you save valuable time, ease your workload, and benefit your business.

Advertising changes

Do you remember the days when landlords found tenants via local newspaper ads?
Some still do, but the internet is fast taking over, now that websites such as Facebook Marketplace, Rightmove and Zoopla offer national reach to a much wider range of tenants, all via your laptop.
There are even mobile apps and platforms that allow you to view and adjust your property listings as and when you need to. Relying solely on ‘To Let’ signs are becoming a thing of the past.

Property management platforms

These platforms simplify the many processes involved in property management.
This includes helping keep track of and securely processing rental payments; storing valuable documents; sourcing and hiring skilled tradespeople and more.
Some offer in-app messaging, giving landlords control of the properties on-the-go via a single, simple, easy to use platform, while overseeing everything personally and on your own time.

Social media

Having regularly updated personal blogs, Instagram accounts and Twitter profiles is a growing and new way to attract potential tenants.
Technology is becoming increasingly important; those without a social media presence can unfortunately get left behind or ignored completely.
With something as simple as a few keyword ‘hashtags’, you can broaden your reach to a wider audience and encourage interaction with your posts and build your local professional network.
This will ensure that your voice within the industry is always fresh, up to date and, most importantly, one that prospective tenants will want to listen to.

Better photos and videos

Logging onto a property management platform or property advertising website, the last thing tenants will want to see is a dimly lit or badly shot preview video or photo.
Prospective tenants want to see alluring but honest imagery of their potential future home.
And apps like Lightroom, VSCOcam and FilmoraGO have free versions readily available to help achieve that, without needing to be a pro.

Online rent payments

Some landlords are dubious about online rent payment processing services, and it’s understandable.
But as technology develops, the internet is becoming a safer place and it’s increasingly becoming impractical to keep tabs on payments manually: storing documents, collecting payments in person, driving to the bank to deposit said payments, doing it all over again for your other tenants. It eats up valuable chunks of your day and can be exhausting.
Property management apps solve this problem by enabling safe and hassle-free digital rent processing.
Any reputable property management platform will work alongside an equally reputable and secure payment service.
Doing this ensures that your finances are handled professionally and safely. And that includes Clooper, LandlordZONE’s preferred property management platform.
With Clooper, you can do all this and more. Clooper makes it easier for landlords to list properties, network with reputable tradespeople and tenants already on the platform, communicate with them efficiently through their in-platform messaging service, manage paperwork, track repairs and so much more.
Clooper’s guided onboarding processes ensure landlords carry out all necessary checks in a compliant way including referencing, Right to Rent, gas safety checks and more.
Their secure payment provider, Stripe, are certified as a PC1 Level 1 Service provider: the most stringent certificate you can get in the industry, ensuring your financial security.
The platform is efficient, transparent, and most importantly, designed for you. You are in control of everything, while Clooper helps simplify your life as a landlord.
Also, as LandlordZONE’s Official Property Management Platform Partner, Clooper has extended an exclusive 30-day free trial for

LandlordZONE subscribers.

By utilising the code CLLZ0001, you can benefit not only from the free trial period but from free rent processing, free property advertising and much more.
You’ll even net yourself a free Clooper t-shirt if you sign up to an annual plan! Offer lasts until September 30th, 2021.
Save valuable time, broaden your network, keep your payments safe and stay securely at the helm of your properties with Clooper. Sign up here today.


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