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Why is Government making investing in PRS more difficult, asks leading landlord

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A leading landlord in the SW has slammed the Government’s ongoing assault on the private rented sector, saying the efforts of Michael Gove and his predecessors puzzle ‘honourable and decent’ operators like him.

The comment have been made by John Tibbetts (main image, inset_ based in Torquay, Devon, whose father – also called John – founded the Devon Landlords’ Association 30 years ago.

Tibbetts says the association’s 500 or more members are mostly landlords with two or three properties who have either inherited the properties or set up portfolios to provide their pensions in the future.

“The members are generally very small-scale investors and are all very nice, genuine people who care about their tenants. We frequently take the tenants to and from hospital appointments or shopping trips,” he tells The Times.

“We are a working-class family and have lived by the rules of being honourable and honest and giving back where you can.

“That is how we have always run our business. But successive governments have made private landlords a source of political targeting and imposed tax measures that are harmful to long-term investment.”


Tibbetts inherited properties from his father, who initially ran a building firm but then let out, rather than sold, the properties it built.

He continues: ““The portfolio provides a small income, but most of it is ploughed back into the business. By the time you pay tax, repair costs and solicitor and accountants’ fees, there is not a huge amount left over,” he said.

“If the government wants private landlords to provide housing outside the national purse, then why doesn’t it help us?”

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