A landlord has been unwittingly drawn into a heated debate over the looming changes to the Welsh private rented sector.

The country’s Government recently delayed its planned reforms that will alter how tenancies, properties and evictions are managed, similar in many ways to the planned changes within England set out in the Westminster government’s Fairer Renting White Paper recently. Due to go live in July, the Welsh measures within the Renting Homes (Wales) Act will now become law in December.

The saga kicked off after ITV ran a news piece over the weekend highlighting the case of a couple facing eviction from their home in Rumney, Cardiff.

After ten years spent living at the address where they paid £630 a month in rent Kathryn and Michael Wakeham (main picture) – both of whom are involved in local charitable endeavours including volunteering at a food bank – have been asked to leave the property after their landlord decided to sell up.

Affordable home

The couple now face an uphill battle to find an affordable home of the same size on the area, where rents for semi-detached houses similar to theirs are now £1,000 or more.

Although their case has generated headlines all over the UK and even overseas, with many commentators accusing the landlords of ‘throwing them out’, the letting agent which manages the property, James Douglas Sales and Lettings, has a different story to tell.

The firm’s General Manager Sarah Evans told ITV that many other landlords in the area were selling their properties or considering doing so following recent increases in Welsh landlord taxation and the looming Renting Home Act.

It will swing the balance of power very much more towards tenants, including lengthening notice periods to a statutory six months.

“This has resulted in more rental properties being sold and increased rents as landlords try to recover their rising costs,” says Evans (pictured).

“Partly as a result of this reducing stock, we are seeing the highest tenant demand on record due to the lack of supply.

“Unless the Welsh Government looks to mitigate this in some way this is clearly going to be a continuing trend.”

Pic credit: ITV


  1. This is becoming common place but the powers that be are not listening to our voices only Shelter, GenRent etc. Tenants the UK over will lose out when these reforms are implemented as Los sell up and move on.

  2. Socialist iof Wales, making it worse for everyone with compassion…
    Shows how rediculously naive and foolish theorists are…. Emotional rhetoric of action, causing real world problems…..
    Socialism makes you Poorer

    • Socialist Republic of Wales, making it worse for everyone with compassion…
      Shows how rediculously naive and foolish theorists are…. Emotional rhetoric of action, causing real world problems…..
      Socialism makes you Poorer

  3. Sounds like the tenants here are paying well below the market value for their rented property. No wonder the landlord has to sell.

    • Exactly
      Instead of complaining the tenants should be saying how lucky they have been over the years to have such cheep accommodation.

  4. Not a surprise…..keep harassing landlords and they will be selling up!

    Hopefully this will mean increase rent prices for the remaining landlords!….I know for sure I will be raising my rent next time and it will be above market rate.

    Until the communist start with their rent control and protecting the parasites.

  5. I suspect putting these reform burdens on Landlords is a government strategy to push many to sell up to add properties to the housing market (same with allowing councils to triple monthly council taxes on second homes). But without creating industry and jobs for working people to afford to buy the homes all it really does is move properties from middle-class landlords to the corporate portfolios.

    • Govt have already publicly stated that it is govt policy to reduce the size of the PRS in the hope that First time buyers can buy. A govt attempt at trying to relieve the chronic shortages of properties for sale.

      Plus as landlords sell up govt get bonus in the form of CGT

  6. Sounds like they had a bloody good landlord on an amazing low rent.

    Well done to the welsh government and their cronies, forcing through landlord reforms, so this landlord has decided to sell up.

    Only themselves to blame.

  7. Any sensible landlord in Wales will sell up old properties especially with pending EPC problems and move their money over the border and re-invest in England.

    Free movement of capital old boy… a cornerstone of EU policy I believe. As Wales were proud remainders they should be very happy with this arrangement ha ha ha.

  8. Let”s get two things clear. The rental notice to quit will be 12 months in Wales. For the first 6 months of the tenancy you cannot give them notice, then and only then can you give a six month notice. Oh, and rent increase, well you will only be able to that once a year, once you have filled in a prescribed Welsh Government Information Form.
    I should know, I am a Welsh person with a house for rent in Wales, I have just had to sit a 94 page exam and I am 74 years old!!! Do you have to sit any exams in England? I await your comments with interest.

  9. No exams….. England is the home of the Industrial Revelation and is one of the most Business friendly countries in Europe, the G7 etc etc.

    Years ago folks used to risk death to cross from East to West Germany… all you have to do is simply move.

    Come to England, you will get a warm welcome, will not have to speak Welsh and will get the opportunity to celebrate watching England succeed in sporting events, hosting huge music events etc etc.

    What are you waiting for…
    Freedom is just one decision away… Make it and never look back 🙂

    • Give up Snowdonia for the likes of Bradford or similar Industrial ‘Revelation’ towns where you hear even limited English these days – no thanks!

      The indigenous Welsh language actually helps preserve the indigenous culture and deters unwanted immigration – from near and far. As for sporting and music events, we have the best stadium in a capital city centre and a team that has defeated England at rugby 60 times – not a bad record for a country 1/20th of the size!

      We should deport Drakeford (now which country does that name come from) and get back to people more like his predecessors; Morgan and Jones.

  10. What the MSM etc refuses to accept that LL have EVERY right to do with their properties as they wish.

    If this is to the disadvantage of incumbent tenant occupants………….TOUGH S###!!!

    No Private Rental Accommodation Provider has any responsibility to maintain an existing property situation or affordability of that situation.

    All tenants should be aware that this is and should be the case for any rental property.

    Private tenants have letting provision at the gift of the PRAP.

    These Welsh tenants have to appreciate business dynamics change.

    The PRAP of this property has decided as entitled so to do to sell off this property.

    It is entirely the bonkers policies of the dopey Welsh Assembly and the UK Govt that is causing tenant homelessness.

    PRAPs are not to blame.

    What is happening is an entirely appropriate reaction by PRAPs to the circumstances that are being imposed on them.

    Clearly the vast majority of tenants are unaware of what is occurring and why should they?

    But the sad reality for tenants is that they will be the ones suffering from all the anti-PRAP policies.

    This is stated and avowed Govt policy.

    Tenants will be unfortunately up s### creek.

    PRAPs don’t need to be so but tenants definitely need PRAPs!!

  11. Why is it remotely relevant that they are volunteers at a food bank etc? They do not own the property and the landlord has every right to follow the terms of the rental agreement, agreed without coercion by all parties. That’s the deal everyone signed up to.

    • The ‘something for nothing’ society don’t do deals – that means respecting the other side of the contract.

      They only do as little work as possible and claim as much as they can for very little or even no payment in return.


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