A new group for portfolio landlords has officially launched today that hopes to change attitudes in the corridors of power about landlords.

During the launch event today attended both in-person and online by many leading members of the landlord community, founder Marcus Selmon revealed that his organisation now has 35 founding members who collectively operate portfolios containing some 6,000 properties.

“The UK’s landlords, the vast majority of whom are hardworking and diligent, are concerned over the current government agenda suggesting that the problems of the private rental sector (PRS) are somehow largely their fault,” said Selmon.

Called the Portfolio Landlord Action Group (PLAN), Selmon told the gathering that the initiative had been well received and that although originally only open to those with 75 properties or more, its doors may now be thrown open to landlords with smaller portfolios too.

“I want to make it clear that we are not trying to replicate other trade organisations and we are not competing against them,” he said.

Improve the PRS

He said instead PLAN would work with all the sector’s trade bodies to engage with ministers in a bid to persuade the government to work with landlords to improve the PRS rather than appearing to blame them for its failings.

“We also want to bring portfolio landlords together in order to discuss the specific challenges we experience and share information face-to-face and online about how to support ourselves – including how best to use tech to improve our service and source funding,” said Selmon.

Nevertheless, many around the table urged ministers to ‘have a rethink’ about the Government’s approach to the PRS, highlighting how many of its proposals – such as banning Section 21 evictions – will have unintended consequences.

Those interested in finding out more should contact Marcus Selmon direct via email.

Read more about PLAN.


  1. It’s not the government that is necessarily demonising landlords, it’s left-wing lobby groups who exaggerate the issues, mostly drive by their socialist agenda. So long as they hold sway you stand no chance as the government will just keep oiling the squeakiest wheel

  2. Stuff PLAN.

    Just big boy LL throwing their weight around to emasculate and eradicate small LL leaving more for them.

    These PLAN are NOT representative of most LL.

    Sure they have a justified voice but no more than a LL with just one property.

    All LL should behave properly NO matter how many properties they have.

    They do not deserve any enhanced lobbying than your average 2 property LL.

    Far better to encourage the 2.5 million LL to join the NRLA.

    Now that would result in a truly properly powerful lobbying body!

    • ……hmmm…NRLA hardly making an impact on the government….lacking the b@lls to tackle anything head on….shelter does a better job….maybe PLAN is the way to go…..i’m sure PLAN LL are NRLA members who realise NRLA does not seem to be looking after LL interest, thats probably why PLAN been set up….maybe poach Polly from shelter to drive PLAN forwards…..if you want to win in this game….its politics after all….


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