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Warwick latest town to start borough-wide big HMO licencing

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An Additional Licencing scheme covering all larger HMOs in Warwick has now gone live following approval of the scheme last year and before that, a consultation.

The town’s new scheme requires all houses (pictured), converted flats or purpose-built flats including student accommodation occupied by three or more persons living as two or more households to legally obtain an HMO licence to continue to operate.

£1,478 fee

Fees for the scheme have also been revealed and at the pricier end of the national scale ranging from £964 to £1,278 for five years depending on the number of tenants in the property, although early bird fees of between £800 and £926 are being offered.

Landlords with HMOs of this kind holding more than 20 tenants will pay £1,476 regardless of when they apply for a licence. All licences will be payable in two instalments at application and then following approval.

But restrictions will apply. Landlords who have been running an HMO but not sought planning permission for the property, which has been required since April 2021, will not be granted a licence until planning permission is secured.

“We are expecting in the order of 700 HMOs to require licensing under this new scheme,” says Councillor Paul Wightman (pictured), Portfolio Holder for Housing.

“Many of these properties have never had a formal inspection by the council, so this is a great opportunity to bring these 'additional homes' under our licensing umbrella, meaning that they will comply to a high standard of safety and repair, greatly benefitting tenants and members of the wider community.

“We are encouraged by the number of new applications for an HMO licence that have already been received. Landlords needing any support or guidance on the new rules and clarity on their responsibilities should contact the Private Sector Housing team who are here to help.”


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