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LATEST: Truss 'sympathetic' to calls to re-instate mortgage interest tax relief

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Landlords have been offered a glimmer of hope by the new Prime Minister who's hinted that she's not adverse to considering the repeal of Section 24.

NRLA boss Ben Beadle met Liz Truss at a recent hustings event in his Ruislip constituency where he was surprised at her stance towards the PRS.

Speaking on Property Tribes' Landlord Lens, he says she told him that she thought landlords had been given a hard time by the previous administration and that the last four or five years had been 'very, very tough'�.

'She was essentially saying that she wanted to have an environment that was encouraging towards property owners so that they would bring their properties to the market,'� reports Beadle.

'This could mean a whole range of different things, but to me I think there's a huge opportunity here for the removal of Section 24 and all of the benefits that can bring to tenants in terms of reducing costs to landlords and therefore reducing rents.'�


While Beadle acknowledges that at a hustings event, 'she'll say anything to anybody'�, he reckons she didn't have to be quite so effusive.

He's now hoping that he can convince more of her colleagues during the upcoming Conservative Party Conference where he will be speaking on a panel about landlord relationships and issues.

'We've had several years of punishing regimes '� we've got rents at a record high, fewer homes and landlords exiting the sector '� but the messages are cutting through,'� adds Beadle.


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