Troubled property developer Martin Skinner has died of a heart attack while trying to rebuild his business during a trip to Dubai.

The 42-year-old founded Inspired Asset Management and pioneered micro apartment developments, which was one of the largest firms doing office-to-residential conversions in the capital during the mid-2010s.

He also acted as an adviser to co-living provider The Collective and worked with the British Property Federation to help define micro-living.

Martin was jailed for 22 weeks in 2018 after crashing his Porsche while high on cocaine and banned from driving until May 2022.

Months later his property firm collapsed into administration after being badly hit by Brexit and government changes to the buy-to-let market.

He told Mail Online: “I went into prison with 43p in my bank account and 30p in my pocket. And at the time we had about £500 million in projects.”

He had recently posted a series of social media updates during his trips abroad, with the message: ‘Living my best. Homeless…but no longer bankrupt life.’

Nick Tadd, a director at Property Tribes (pictured) says Martin influenced and inspired the property community in so many positive ways.

He posted: “Martin was a larger than life character who touched everyone he came into contact with, with his infectious laugh, his boundless energy, his joie de vivre, his sharp business acumen, and his kind and generous nature.

“We are indebted to him for his support of us as individuals and also the Property Tribes community, which Martin always claimed helped him return from his first bankruptcy.”


  1. Frankly I think landlord zone has no need to publish such stuff… Leave it to the Sun and the Star. You are only discrediting your portal.

    You are also pandering to the “Hate landlords” who are all apparently rich and fuelled on cocaine.

    Stick to the day job… dealing with every day landlord issues

  2. Have to agree with the comment from Dave.

    Individuals like this are the very reason Landlords are so hated in the media.

    When you see a story like this, it makes media and tenants think all landlords drive a Porsche and are high on cocaine because they have so much disposable income from ripping tenants off.

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