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TRENDS: Young 'modern tenants' want green, digital landlords

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Most tenants want their landlords to be green and digital, a poll of some 2,000 renters has revealed.

Despite debates about rental supply and rocketing rents dominating the public debate about the private rented sector, software firm MRI's poll found that two thirds want to interact with their landlord digitally and that nearly half considered green credentials to be a '�deal breaker' when choosing a rented property.

The firm's Rental Housing Trends and Preferences also reveals that 80% of tenants it spoke to wanted to own their own home eventually and that on-site amenities such as gyms, cafés and additional storage are becoming increasingly important.

The reflects the rise of build-to-rent within the private rented sector, the report suggests, and the younger more professional demographic within the group polled.

Younger renters

For example, younger renters were much more likely to agree that environmental credentials were vital, with 75% of those aged 18-24 agreeing, compared to just 67% of those over 65.

The findings reveal that 47% of all respondents see the lack of green building management as a deal-breaker, with 59% of 18-24-year-olds likely to take this more rigid stance when renting.

james lavery mri renters

'The survey provides a window on what rental trends are developing in the marketplace,'� says James Lavery (pictured), Vice President of Marketing (EMEA) at MRI Software.

'The results suggest that online portals and other digital tools have strong potential to become more popular as new generations move into the rental market and other residents are educated on the benefits

Download the full report here.


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