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Times political editor claims Section 21 evictions ban to be 'shelved' by Truss

landlord truss|matthew pennycook

A tweet by the political editor of The Times newspaper has claimed that Liz Truss is about to U-turn on abolishing Section 21 evictions.

Steven Swinford took to the social media platform late last night to claim that Liz Truss is shelving Michael Gove's plans to end no-fault evictions, which were due to be introduced in this Parliamentary session

'The Times has been told that they are not considered a priority & could be killed off entirely, despite being a manifesto commitment,'� he says.

Although Swinfords unattributed claims have only been mentioned in passing within his newspaper, commentary has been swift from key figures within the industry.

paul shapmplina

Paul Shamplina (pictured), founder of Landlord Action, says: 'If this true, after three years of indecision about being abolished, it would be a major victory for landlords.

'I speak to landlords and agents every day and the feedback has been they generally have been worried about being able to gain possession of a property back.

'This move will also see a lot of landlords change their mind in selling up, which can only be good for tenants.  Housing stock has been dwindling and rents have been rising. I've said it all along it's called non fault eviction, but there is always a fault.'�

Supply crisis

ben beadle nrla

Ben Beadle, (pictured) Chief Executive of the National Residential Landlords Association says: 'Whatever the Government's plans, a wide range of reforms are desperately needed to support the sector.

"The supply crisis in the sector must be addressed urgently, while much more needs to be done to root out criminal and rogue landlords. Likewise vulnerable tenants can and should be better supported by unfreezing housing benefit rates.   

'The NRLA will continue to work with all parties to ensure that reforms are fair and workable and command the support of tenants and responsible landlords.'�

Condemnation from Labour figures and housing campaigners has also been swift. Labour's Lisa Nandy, shadow cabinet member for the DLUHC, says: 'Millions of people are only a few weeks from losing their home through no fault of their own. The Tories promised to stop this at the last election. Now this. You cannot trust a single word they say.

matthew pennycook

Matthew Pennycook (pictured), Labour's housing spokesperson, adds: "Liz Truss has decided to betray private renters. Labour will abolish section 21 '�no-fault' evictions and strengthen tenants' rights through a new renters' charter.'�

And Baroness Kennedy, director of Generation Rent says: 'No-fault evictions mean that families can face the disruption and upheaval of moving home and often schools with just two months' notice.

"It means unscrupulous landlords can bully tenants into accepting shoddy conditions or unaffordable rent increases. It means that renters have to raid their own savings in order to move home at their landlord's whim.

Modern society

'This law has no place in modern society and getting rid of it has rightly been government policy for more than three years. Ministers have stuck by it through a general election, three Queen's Speeches, and a pandemic, and finally this summer we got a package of reforms which had the broad support of the whole sector.

'It is one of the most popular items on the government's agenda and there's barely anything left to do but publish the Bill and pass it. The government will be shooting itself in the foot if it ditches the reforms at this point.'�


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