More shocking and unusual evictions cases will be included in this week’s episode of Extreme Nightmare Tenants broadcast on Channel 5 at 10pm on Thursday night.

The programme is this week’s episode of the new series, which kicked off on September 10th and stars Paul Shamplina of evictions specialist Landlord Action.

The episode investigates (watch here) the new a new breed of dodgy letting agents targeting small landlords and tenants alike, which have become a regular part of Shamplina’s job.

The programme looks at three sets of landlords who have fallen victim to unscrupulous and sometimes criminal agents. This includes:

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Susan and Gary Bailey

The couple bought a buy-to-let and were approached by a letting agent with a too-good-to-be-true promise of hassle free, guaranteed rent.

Having agreed to let through him, the Baileys very quickly began having serious doubts when they discovered his website was a copycat of a legitimate agency.

But before they were able to back out, the dodgy letting agent broke into their house and changed the locks. Now Susan and Gary can only look on powerless, as their home is carved into bedrooms and new tenants are moved in.

Monwara and Mohammed

These two hired a letting agency who to their shock have been pocketing their tenant’s rent. Getting nowhere they decide to confront the agents face to face. But with a new company name above the door, the employees claiming ignorance and a violent confrontation, the landlords are left out in the cold.

Daniel Chira

The publishing professional thought his property in Romford was in safe hands with a local managing agent, but the agency stopped paying rent, despite having guaranteed it in the contract. Daniel has instructed Shamplina to try and recover his property and missing rent. Forced to confront them face to face, Daniel is determined to get some answers and his house back. 

“Agents who get up to these kind of criminal activities need to be named and shamed and hopefully this episode will help raise awareness among landlords about the kinds of scams they can fall victim to if they’re not careful,” says Shamplina.

Series Six of the main TV series, Slum Landlords, Nightmare Tenants is due to start soon.

Visit the Extreme Nightmare Tenants website on Channel 5

Read more about Landlord Action.


  1. Seen this happen before.
    Letting agencies take the rent and then liquidate the company.
    Can’t sue the directors, due to limited liability laws.
    New agency set up in a relative’s name..


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