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Landlords: it's time to get 2024 off to a flying start

You’re a landlord looking to sell, but last year was a challenge. In 2024, it’s time to get your portfolios and properties sold and get you moving on to your next projects.

Why now? The biggest challenge for landlords wanting to sell is that they want to shift properties in bulk, want a single company to take it off their hands, but they don’t want to compromise on price, or deal with lots of individual sales.

Enter The Landlord Sales Agency. You might have heard of us in 2023 – and this year it’s time to reach out and let us do the job for you. No nonsense.

Known as the Rolls Royce of portfolio exit specialists, we’re a one-stop shop solution for helping landlords sell tenanted properties for the right price.

We’ll manage the entire sale process for you, without you needing to deal with buyers, estate agents or a bunch of different sales. We can split your portfolios up, sell individually, or sell in one go. We do it all. We also have B2B funds and investors who are happy to take on entire portfolios no matter what the condition or tenant situation.

We're getting contacted by people every week who want to buy portfolios and individual properties who have massive funds and want to buy landlord properties – and we're seeing more of this now the interest rates have dropped and finance costs have also dropped (from around 7% to 5% - a huge difference).That coupled with prices holding steady has reassured buyers that it's a goodtime to buy.

Whilst landlords still need to be realistic about prices, put simply, this year it's much easier – the time to act is now.

For landlords wanting to just get rid of the entire portfolio, a wave of new landlords wanting to buy are happy to do deals to take your portfolios on and take them off your hands for the right price – they don’t mind waiting for the tenants to move on, or taking on properties in poor conditions needing refurbs.

For landlords worried that reaching out to us might stop them from selling through better options, there’s nothing to worry about! We cover the entire market for you. We also work with specialist agents, so we're connecting landlords to all ways to sell, rather than us being just one option. Through us, we'll help you sell via all options to get you the best price, and we'll manage the entire project for you. We also work with the best local estate agents, and even overseas specialists and buyers abroad. From Hong Kong buyers to companies such as YieldIT – we cover it all to help get the best price for your properties, with or without tenants. Want to sell without tenants? We’ll help relocate them for you, working with councils to get them rehomed so everyone is happy, or as a last resort we have a team of the best people if you need to evict.

On top of managing all of that for you, we can also sell your properties ourselves via our in-house auction process with competitive bidding to push up prices. So rest assured, through us you're covering absolutely every avenue of selling to ensure you get the best price possible.

Finally, if you're looking for a quick cash sale, or if you need some funds to tie you over to pay for any arrears, tax bills etc., then get in touch because we don’t just help you sell, we can also raise funds for you straight away.

Recently a large property investor based in Liverpool got in touch, he was clear about what he wanted: to go for people who know what they're doing, and handle everything all in one place with zero fuss. He had a portfolio of old build tenanted houses, and wanted to get rid of them and replace his business model with new developments. We did exactly what we said on the tin, took them all off his hands, and split them up to sell individually for the best prices.

He’s just one of over 250 landlords approaching us every week to sell, and we’ve got the track record to deliver for every single one of them.

So get in touch. Rents are higher than before, rates have come down, and now is the time to get a fantastic price for your portfolios. Yes, we must all stay realistic on price, but right now it’s much more attainable than it was at the end of last year.

It’s time to get on with it and free yourselves up.