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The results of The Ultimate Landlord Show

This week saw LandlordZONE’s Paul Shamplina join forces with Landlord Sales Agency’s David Coughlin in a packed webinar at The Ultimate Landlord Show. The two Landlord heavyweights weighed in on what’s happening to Landlords right now, how the eviction bans and court backlogs will affect us, and why so many Landlords are making the decision to sell either part or all of their portfolios.

David summed it up when he said this was “a time that is not going to come again for 7 to 8 years.” He touched on why he’s helping so many landlords right now sell, “the market is still hot, so now couldn’t be a better time to sell your portfolios. Some of us have issues with tenants, and potential tax bills to pay. Others are looking release equity out of the portfolio.” He also encouraged Landlords to think fast:

Stamp duty starts going back up from end of June to September, so if you want to make the most cash, Landlords need to be looking at selling now before it does. We work with Paul Shamplina to solve all your tenant issues. Whatever your issues is, there’s a solution to it.

We’ve already done this for so many Landlords recently, who have been coming to us with portfolios from anything between 5 to 30 properties. Some want to sell the full portfolio, whilst others want to sell off part of it to cash in. They won’t get a higher price than what properties will go for right now. Here at Landlord Sales Agency, our team of experts will do all the work for you, to solve any issue you might have to get you the best price, and fast. We’ve sold portfolios in 7 – 28 days, and the Landlords have been able to relax and enjoy retirement. There’s no one better than us to sell your portfolios, and now is the time.

You can watch a recording of the event by clicking on the link here.

Want to sell to retire? Cash in now while the market is still hot:

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