Founded by Simon Zutshi in 2003 the “PIN” group runs a series of property investors’ meetings and training events across 50 towns and cities throughout the country. Its stated aims are to “connect new and experienced property investors”, and enable their sharing of knowledge and experience.

The PIN claims to be the UK’s largest property networking group, operating across the UK since 2003. It has agreed a US $15m buyout by the Singapore-based Genius Group.

Simon Zutshi is to remain CEO of the company following a successful acquisition process, and he has said:

“With property investors network having consolidated its market leading position in the UK over nearly two decades, I look forward to working with Roger Hamilton and the team at Genius Group to leverage this success within the global market to empower property entrepreneurs all over the world.”

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The Singapore-based Genius Group claims to have “turned the tide on the coronavirus pandemic” and successfully pivoted their business model to go digital when their usual events could no longer take place.

The Genius Group says it includes a number of educational and entrepreneurial companies across the globe including Entrepreneur Resorts, a group of luxury resorts and lodges, beach clubs and city co-working hubs running entrepreneur events and accelerators, with locations in Singapore, Bali, South Africa and the Czech Republic.

Its programmes, that would normally have been conducted with entrepreneurs face to face, have been redesigned and delivered digitally, and globally for the first time the Genius Group claims. However, it says the majority of its usual locations are now open again and the international team is supporting new education programs at its various locations, while ensuring the safety of both staff and visitors.

Roger James Hamilton, Founder & CEO of Genius Group, says:

“The COVID-19 crisis has resulted in record job losses and bankruptcies. However, we are also seeing many small business owners and investors finding opportunity and growth in the crisis. We share pin’s mission of providing education and resources to business owners and investors at a time when people need it most.”

Following the acquisition, Genius Group and property investors network aims to expand its monthly pin meetings across many of the 20,345 cities in which the Genius Group says it has students.

The company says it will also provide financial literacy and property investing courses to students through Genius Group’s secondary school and university programmes, as well as the GeniusU edtech platform.


  1. When I saw the headline I was expecting the buyer to be PropertyHeads. Never heard of Genius Group but happy to see Simon’s staying on.

  2. Good time to sell up and get out.
    The number of new small time investors interested in BTL will be drying up.
    No offence intended, but I’ve seen some of the people who attend educational events, looking to get involved in BTL and they are often completely unsuitable.

  3. My experience of Roger Hamilton is that he set up an entrepreneurs school called XL in the early 2000s and then when the 2008 crash came he sht up shop and we all lost our money. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen to PIN as well!


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