Following the announcement of another national lockdown, founder of Landlord Action, Paul Shamplina, says there is no end in sight for desperate landlords and there must now be government support.

“This is an exceptionally difficult situation for everyone and as before it is vital that tenants who are genuinely impacted by the pandemic are protected from losing their home,” he says.

“Echoing calls from the NRLA, the Government should be following Scotland and Wales and providing access to a Tenant Hardship Loan Fund to prevent further possession action.

“However, it should not be a case of protecting tenants over landlords or vice versa, it should be about protecting people.  

“We now have a situation where some landlords have rent arrears cases which started in 2019 and they still do not have possession of their property, nor are they receiving any rent.  Some of these landlords have also lost jobs and are trying to cover mortgages.

“Landlords are desperate for some kind of timescale. The reality is that the ban on evictions will now continue throughout lockdown, and it could even be April or May before bailiffs are able to enforce evictions, depending on what kind of restrictions or tier systems are put in place in Spring. All the while, caseloads are increasing but old cases are not being cleared.  

“Since the property market remains open for people to move home and Courts are still operating, pre-Covid eviction cases would be able to proceed.”

Speaking to Nick Ferrari on LBC tomorrow morning, Shamplina will say that if something is not done soon to alleviate the mounting pressure on landlords, the market will experience a surge of illegal evictions landlords selling with tenants in situ.

Paul is discussing the impact of lockdown #3 on landlords and tenants with Ferrari tomorrow at 7.40am (6 January 2021).


  1. I have an HMO in Oxford where two out of the three tenants have decided not to pay any rent despite being currently employed as porters in the John Radcliffe Infirmary hospital.
    Because of irregular rental payments in the past I am soon approaching the six month accumulation (Jan31st 2021 & 28th Feb 20021) of unpaid rent – £2700 each. It is cras that the government’s one sided protection of tenants is forcing hardship on landlords by inadvertently encouraging illegal behaviour. Is there any recourse to have their employer (NHS) deduct rental payments at source and pay direct to me, whilst eviction proceedings take place.

  2. Hi there my name is Robert.
    Please can anyone help me.
    I have a tenant that stopped paying her rent top up of £40 per week on the 19/12/2019. After 2 months of excuses and lies l issued her, in February with the correct section 8, 2 months notice to vacate which she totally ignored.
    I found out that she has stopped living in the flat and has moved into her new girlfriends property.
    To date she is still not living at my flat and is now almost £3000 in arrears.
    I reported this via email to the local council last June and got no response.
    I sent a copy of the same email to the council again in October and still no response. And again to the housing benefit department in December, again no response. In January I sent the same email again with an update and finally got a reply.
    My email was forwarded from the local council to the Housing Benefits Fraud Department who are now investigating the tenant.
    The council have stopped paying the tenants housing benefit payment as of 13/12/2021.
    So now l have an unoccupied 2 bedroom flat that still technically belongs to the tenant.
    My questions are
    1) Legally what is my position ?
    2) Can l let the flat to a new tenant ?
    I will be extremely great-full for any advice you can offer.
    Many thanks

  3. The property appears to have been abandoned. Post an abandonment notice on the property. Google for exact form, may be available on the Gov. UK site and then wait for the time period to expire. You are then entitled to enter the property, change the locks and regain possession.

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