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The importance of a Tenancy Application Form

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The Application FormYou should always use a comprehensive Tenancy Application Form when taking on a new tenant. You need a completed application for each adult tenant in the property.The Tenancy application form is a very important starting point for any residential or commercial property letting. The application collects the background (biographical) information about a prospective tenant and provides sufficient information to do detailed screening checks, including a brief interview, credit checks and referencing.It also informs the tenant in a formal way about the tenancy, about your data protection obligations (GDPR), and includes a statement of truth for the tenant to sign. The form gives you permission to carry out your checks and where necessary pass on the applicant's personal details to third parties.You should tell your prospective tenant that to save time it is very important that all sections of the form are completed and that one form is needed for each adult occupant.A Tenant's Application Form is the most important document after the tenancy agreement.The application form records permanently the tenant's declaration as to his or her identity, previous residences and employment histories, income status, referees, and personal details - smoker? pets? other occupants, next of kin, children, vehicles etc.It also confirms the tenant's understanding of the property to be let, the type and length of tenancy and basic terms, the costs and expenses to be paid and the rent and deposit required.The completed form represents an important legal document which forms the basis of the tenant screening or verifying process and the contract. It will provide sufficient information to enable the landlord to contact the tenant, or his or her relatives, even if the tenant absconds.The information contained on the form will become invaluable should you subsequently need to take your tenant to court for an eviction or a money claim.Inform your prospects that the form should be returned as soon as possible so that references can be taken up quickly and a credit search carried out.You will find more information and a selection of tenancy application forms


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