New online platform Symple promises to take the hassle out of arranging property certifications and inspections.

The system guarantees that landlords’ inspections always get done on time by liaising directly with registered service providers who can manage these jobs on the platform.

Landlords upload their property details and the last date of inspection and it reminds them when a property certificate is up for renewal.

They can renew a property certificate online and Symple arranges for the inspection to be carried out by a local provider, so landlords don’t have to worry about finding and chasing tradespeople to do the job.


All providers and energy assessors must be accredited and are vetted before they can accept work.

Symple’s system – at – also handles the delivery of all certifications and ensures landlords receive them ahead of the due date. Landlord registration is free and covers single or multiple properties.

Founder Simon Dresdner (pictured) says he knew there had to be an easier way for landlords to book their gas safety, electrical installation and energy performance inspections and an easier way to never forget when they’re due.

“That’s when the idea for Symple was born,” he adds. “We want to help take a few of those worries away and make life easier for our users. All they need to do is confirm their order and we’ll do the rest.

“That includes ensuring the work is carried out on time, as arranged. We guarantee certificates will be in their inbox by the due date or they’ll receive it for free.”


  1. I’d never allow a 3rd party to handle those things with the current punishments dished out to honest landlords. The landlord will get the fines/grief/ and even the inability to evict non paying/asbo etc tenants if these 3rd party companies drop a clanger.
    Yes it’s a pain contacting gas/sparky etc people yourself but a note on your calendar and phone a month before things are due means you have plenty of time and you are in control.
    Be in control at ALL times or at least until the government ban little landlords.

  2. The “Guarantee” is only worth the cost of getting the certificate, how about they guarantee the certificates will be done on time or they will cover the cost of ALL resulting consequences, e.g. £30k fine from local authority, Rent Repayment Orders, unable to use s21 Notices so may be stuck with an unwanted tenant, etc, etc. That really would be a guarantee worth shouting about.

  3. What sort of guarantee is the free cost of a certificate? Mean-while the landlord has thousands of pounds fine, can no longer use section 21 in future or evict a tenant if required. Who pays for all that? What a useless service this looks to be. No chance I’d risk that because as we all know, it’s the landlord that’s held responsible for anyone else’s mistakes or inaction.

  4. Agreed, this isn’t a “hand over and forget” solution. LL will still need to follow up etc. Nevertheless, this could be a good idea. Are those prices nationwide? I usually have to pay more in London. Also +VAT?
    I think the biggest potential part of this is how well they liaise with tenants, if they do this well, then it’s worth it. I often wind up being “pig in the middle” when it comes to arrangements and communications.

  5. I used to use a letting agent & how many times were the gas certificates issued late! If you want something doing properly do it yourself!


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