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Support for Tories among renters HALVES in five years

conservative renters

The number of renters who plan to vote Conservative on Thursday has halved since the last election, from 20% to just 10%, according to a new poll. And zero percent of student tenants said they'd back Sunak.

National estate agency Jackson-Stops found that most renters remain loyal to Labour; in 2019, 35% of those who lived in rental accommodation and did not own a home voted Labour, while this year that figure will see a modest bounce to at least 38%.

The poll will be particularly devastating for outgoing MP and housing secretary Michael Gove, who had hoped his 'pro tenant' approach to policy making would attract more tenants to the Tory cause.

But Jackson-Stops' national survey of 2,000 people also reveals that the Conservatives are set to lose nearly half of homeowner votes, down from 38% to 19%, while more plan to vote Labour (30%).


The biggest losses for Conservative votes came from those who own more than one property without a mortgage – from 59% to 39% – alongside those who own one home outright – from 46% to 22%. Reform is gaining more of these votes, currently sitting at 16%.

Nick Leeming, chairman of Jackson-Stops, says the results are fascinating, given that the Tory party has historically been known as the party of homeownership. He adds: “Labour’s commitment to tackling the housing crisis appears to resonate strongly with voters. Indeed, 27% of respondents highlight the delivery of more affordable and social housing as crucial for improving the housing market.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the survey found that no students in student accommodation intend to vote Conservative.

“Housing has been at the heart of this year’s election. Yet, our latest research reveals that 15% of homeowners are still undecided on how they will vote,” says Leeming. “A final push on housing policies, as seen in the weekend papers, could swing these votes.”


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