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Some landlords and letting agents treating migrants 'heartlessly' say campaigners

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Migrant communities face discrimination while navigating the private rental market, according to new research by Generation Rent and Migrant Organise.

Their poll of 126 migrant private renters found that 42% had struggled to find a landlord or letting agent to rent to them as a migrant and 21% found it difficult to produce a valid form of ID when looking for somewhere to rent.

Some allege exploitative and illegal treatment from landlords and letting agents; 17% reported they had not received any of the documents they were legally entitled to in their current tenancy and 30% had been threatened with eviction. Meanwhile, 57% had experienced mould or damp.

Chief executive Ben Twomey says: 'Migrant renters are subjected to an exhausting, unsafe and heartless system, where they are disproportionately forced to bear the brunt of the worst of the housing sector.

The upcoming Renters Reform Bill must work to support all renters into safe and secure housing, including marginalised groups such as migrant communities.'�


mayuma osman migrants

Maymuna Osman (pictured), organiser at Migrants Organise, believes the government's hostile immigration system continues to put people at risk of exploitation, even in their own homes.

'Migrants living in temporary and private rented accommodation are consistently forced to face undignified conditions with mould, overcrowding, lack of privacy, damp, no heating/hot water and racist right to rent checks,'� she adds.

'We need to remove border controls from housing. People should be able to live in safe, decent homes in their communities and this requires a universal housing standard for all.'�

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