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SHOUT OUT: Landlords with rent-to-rent experience to help in landmark case

The National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA) wants to hear from landlords who have let property on a rent-to-rent basis so it can contribute to a high-profile case at the Supreme Court.

It believes the outcome of the upcoming Rakusen v Jepsen appeal has potential implications for superior landlords as it will rule over whether the landlord '� in this case, the tenant - should be responsible for a rent repayment order (RRO) or if a superior landlord, or any landlord in the chain, should be held responsible.

Rakusen v Jepsen concerns a landlord who agreed to let their licensable property to a rent-to-rent company, however, a licence wasn't applied for, and the former tenants sought a RRO against the superior landlord - not the rent-to-rent company.

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The Upper Tribunal ruled that an order could be applied for against the superior landlord, however the Court of Appeal found in the landlord's favour.

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'All too often, the superior landlord may be surprised to find that the rent-to-rent company has failed to meet one or more of their legal responsibilities. In some cases, they may even be surprised to discover their tenant is subletting at all,'� explains NRLA chief executive Ben Beadle (pictured).

If the court were to change the position adopted by the Court of Appeal, then authorised rent-to-rent arrangements will likely become less common, leading to a lower availability of budget accommodation to rent on a room by room basis, says the NRLA.

Landlords will also be unprotected from unauthorised rent-to-rent arrangements.


'It seems unconscionable that a landlord should be subject to a financial penalty to a sub-tenant, whose existence he might not even be aware of, as a result of the dishonesty or failures of the tenant,'� adds Beadle.

The NRLA wants to make a submission to the court before the hearing on 26th January and has an online survey for landlords to fill in.


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