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Sell now before rates cause buyers to scatter and prices to plummet

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The NRLA recently reported that 1 in 3 landlords are going to trim down their portfolios. A whopping 33% of landlords currently selling throughout the UK. Of that 33%, most landlords agreed that they would be willing to take 80% of the value just to get rid of them because mortgage payments are out of control.

So we'll get straight to the point. At Landlord Sales Agency, we get landlords higher than 80% value, faster. In fact in many cases we'll even get you higher than the current market value. We'll also sell your entire portfolio, or however many properties you need to shift, in less than a month. Our average sale time is just 21 days, for the best prices.

How? We sell to other landlords coming into the market. This means that tenants can stay - new landlords starting from a financially 'fresh' position don't mind taking your portfolio on no matter what condition, and they're prepared to pay high prices for a ready-made deal they can fix.

Problem tenants? No problem for us, we mediate to ensure all your tenants are happy whilst you sell, or if they want to stay we'll come up with a deal for you, and negotiate on your behalf. No one else is giving tenants this much security to ensure both you and your tenants walk away winning.

Need a refurb? We've got an entire team of builders to assist. Need to be compliant to regulations? We can help you with all your certificates.

Worried about what price you'll get compared to an auction or estate agent? We'll do you one better: nothing beats the bidding wars from our powerful database of over 30,000 private buyers who get alerts straight to their phones every time we list a new property.

Put simply, no one can beat us. We're here to get landlords the best prices, and get them out of the market while they still can.

We're the problem solver for landlords when they're at the end of their tether.

So if you're a landlord who needs to sell, come to us. You'll want to act fast ' with the eviction ban looming in just 12 months time, on top of already rising interest rates in a falling market, there's no time like the present to ensure you exit the landlord sector unscathed and ready to invest elsewhere.

We don't have to convince you to come to us, if you've seen our recent news before, you'll know there's a reason we've got the best relationships with landlord associations throughout the country. We're fast, honest, and we do exactly what we say we'll do.

Last week statistics showed that 3,000 landlords had tuned in to hear our podcast, The Landlord Show, giving advice on landlords wanting to sell. In the last two weeks alone, we had over 150 landlords approach us to sell. Our team of experts jumped in, ready to help every single one of them.

So get in touch today, let's get you sorted. No matter how many properties you have, no matter what condition, we'll get them sold and get you money in the bank so you can move on and avoid the financial crisis once and for all.


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