An online platform has officially launched that helps landlords eliminate one of their most tiresome admin headaches – getting EPC, electrical and gas safety certificates completed on time.

Called Symple, it enables landlords so register their rental property and then flag up when each of the three mandatory certificates were last completed and the platform does the rest each time they become due.

simon dresdner symple certificates

Founder Simon Dresdner says his service guarantees that the work will be completed and that each certificate will be sent to the landlord in time and, if not, the certificate is provided for free.

Best described as a cross between birthday card website Moonpig and a property maintenance platform like Fixflo, Dresdner says rather than landlords having to do the chasing his team ensure the work is taken up by its army of 700 local service providers, who are then chased if they fall behind schedule.

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“Some 80% of jobs don’t require chasing, but we ensure that the 20% that do aren’t allowed to lag behind – for example if an electrician picks up one of our EICR electrical inspection jobs and has hasn’t booked an appointment to visit the property within 24 hours, we chase them,” he says.

“We are also unique because our service covers all three types of certificate and also all of the UK.

“Most importantly, we’ve focused on taking the faff out of landlord lives when it comes to electrical and gas safety inspections and EPC compliance.”

Symple has been under development for several years and soft-launched a few months ago with around 200 landlords already using its service.

Dresdner says the service will eventually offer non-mandatory services such as boiler repairs and maintenance and electrical PAT testing. Symple charges £50 for gas and EPC certificates and £125 for an EICR certificate.

Read more about the mandatory certificates needed for a rental property.


  1. Yet another platform! Do these clowns think that landlords are incompetents who cannot manage a bit of gas, electrical and EPC paperwork? Come on! We all put the date of the next certificate / check in our diaries 1 / 2 months ahead of date due. And if we don’t do that then we probably have an agent letting the property for us in which case they deal with it. Do we really need to pay someone to flag up a date for us and make a telephone call to the plumber?

  2. Again Dave and DJC are spot on. Why would I trust and pay a 3rd party to organise these things when I do it highly efficiently myself without their software. I use a diary and a spreadsheet – highly efficient and near enough free of charge. It’s not rocket science!

  3. Guys, this is a totally free platform. There is absolutely no cost to register or use Symple. You just book the service through Symple and we make a small cut by paying the service provider slightly less than what you pay us. Its all totally transparent on our website and there are no catches. But if you feel you have any questions, post them here and I will answer them for you.

    Symple does all the work you do including finding the right service provider (in minutes), schedules the appointment with the keyholder (usually same day) and has the job completed on time or it’s free.

    Any questions just ask, my friend.


    Simon @Symple

  4. Simon,
    If my tenants refuse to let your engineer in until after the due date, will I get the certificate for free?
    Also, which local, state or federal laws are you referring to in your T&Cs. To me, this makes your site look like a Mickey Mouse operation which hasn’t paid for the T&Cs to be checked by a solicitor.

    • Great question Adam. The service needs to be ordered at least 10 days before the due date and the keyholder will need to allow the service provider to access the property. If those two conditions are met then our guarantee stands. We can guarantee what we are in control of ie: ensuring our service providers live up to the SLA’s we set and you expect. We are not in control of your tenants and therefore cannot extend our guarantee to a situation where your tenant refuses entry. Whilst some inspections are not done on time due to the tenants refusing entry, we do believe many more are not done on time due to service providers not performing as well as they should, or due to landlords simply ordering the services too late because they simply don’t keep track of what’s due when.

      Symple takes care of those two big issues. Landlords don’t need to remember what’s due when, nor do they need to find a suitable engineer to do the job, and finally – they never need to chase the engineer because we do all that. And if we dont, you get it for free 🙂

  5. Two things…….

    1) If you cannot even get the detail correct in your T&Cs then what confidence is there that your service will do what it should (spelling and grammar on the website is shocking). You didn’t even address it in the previous comment when highlighted which suggests you are reluctant to admit when you get things wrong. Buyer beware.

    2) Even if your service is free, you are inflating what the tradesman is charging simply by taking a commission – if a tradesman is willing to pay you 10% (example) then he/she is likely to offer me the same if asked. THAT is fine IF you were providing a unique service, but you aren’t. Your “service” is little more than a diary reminder (which I happen to have on the software I use to manage my units/tenants etc).

    Sorry, it’s just another gimmick – soon, someone will bring out an app to link and control all of the other apps we landlords must have lol

    • Thanks for your comments, we will get the spelling and grammar checked, of course. It’s way more than a diary reminder. There are lots of reminder apps out there. Symple’s main feature is not the reminding aspect of it, but rather the fact that you click “order” and your inspection is automatically picked up by a local service provider in record time with the certificate arriving in your inbox within a matter of days. All that, without the landlord doing anything other than clicking “order”.

      It could very well be you have all your certs up to date because you have a fantastic bank of service providers readily available whenever you need them and they always complete the jobs exactly when they say they will – before they are due. If that’s the case you have a simple life without having to use Symple. But many landlords don’t find the job of organising their inspections that simple. Which is why they use Symple.


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