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REFORMS: Many landlords have 'no idea what's about to hit them'

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Only one in five (18%) landlords understand the Renters (Reform) Bill, while just 3% have read guidance surrounding the legislation, according to a new Propertymark poll.

The trade group says this raises questions over the robustness of the Bill’s communication and consultation process and believes it does not bode well for implementation and compliance.

Propertymark is particularly concerned that self-managing landlords won’t get enough support from government.

It quizzed more than 1,800 landlords and found that of those who had fully read the guides, 52% believed they were insufficient, suggesting high levels of uncertainty and proof that these guides are falling short on the necessary detail.

Evictions concern

The removal of Section 21 notices and the end of fixed-term tenancies are the issues that most concern landlords; 72% are worried about the end of Section 21 notices, and 69% viewed the removal of fixed-term tenancies as an issue.

Propertymark believes its findings should be a major concern for policymakers and says it’s a good idea for landlords to be better informed before the Bill reaches its final stages.

“We have long argued that a fixed term tenancy allows security of tenure for the tenant and a guarantee of rent payments for the landlord,” adds Timothy Douglas (pictured), head of policy and campaigns.

“The Renters (Reform) Bill will only be workable in practice if it addresses the on the ground challenges we know affect landlords. It is imperative that landlords are aware of the upcoming legislation and are given the adequate guidance and support to deliver a high level of service for tenants.”

A poll earlier this week by the Property Redress Scheme found that most landlords and letting agents view the government’s plans to abolish Section 21 evictions as a mistake.

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