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NRLA urges English Ministers to learn from 'car crash' renting reforms in Wales

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NRLA boss Ben Beadle has urged the government to learn from the 'awful implementation'� of Renting Homes Wales which he labelled a 'car crash of epic proportions'�.

Speaking on The Guild of Property Professionals' The Home Stretch podcast, Beadle said it could help direct England's rental reforms as senior judges were very concerned that possession orders had increased by 505% in Wales since the complex Renting Homes Act was introduced.

'I know the government are keen to crack on with rental reform but if the end product is a worsening of supply and a crisis of confidence - as you'll need a hearing for every possible case under the new regime and courts need dramatic investment - the courts need to be ready.'�

Beadle said the government's recent announcement to include tenancy clauses banning anti-social behaviour and allowing landlords to give two weeks' notice '� was positive and he hoped that the NRLA's concerns about student tenancies had landed following meetings with ministers.

Warped view

However, a warped view that those with an asset were 'a filthy rich Dickensian villain with bags of cash'� remained.

He added: 'Decisions have been made to cool the market which have worked superbly as no one wants to invest and people want to exit.'�

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Beadle (pictured) said the sector was getting a kicking and although some elements needed repair, it hadn't been helped by the government 'taxing the pants off it and vilifying people who provide housing'�.

While confidence was low and the NRLA's members had suggested there could be the biggest level of disinvestment in a decade, he remained optimistic.

'I think landlords can deal with a lot of this stuff that's coming down the track. Whether they will want to is up to them.'�


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