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NRLA backs platform that helps landlords move to limited company status

limited company status

Private landlords considering a move to limited company ownership of their rented properties are being urged by the NRLA to use its latest partner service.

GetGround is an online platform that helps landlords find,  structure, and manage limited companies and therefore access the tax advantages including tax relief on mortgage interest and some elements of inheritance planning.

Its service costs from £22 a month to complete a company’s book keeping, accounting, tax filing, bank account opening, services which it also offers to landlords with existing limited companies.

It is also a marketplace for ‘vetted’ newbuild and tenanted properties to buy and sell.

“The private rented sector has changed enormously in recent years,” says Ben Beadle, chief executive of the NRLA (main image).

“This collaboration is a demonstration of the NRLA’s ongoing pledge to provide our members with innovative and dynamic solutions to the challenges of letting property in 2024.

“The NRLA’s partnership with GetGround exemplifies our commitment to helping landlords manage their property investments and in turn promote the growth of a healthy, sustainable, private rented sector.”


Moubin Faizullah-Khan, Founder and CEO of GetGround (pictured), adds:

“Over the years at GetGround, we have grown and developed our products significantly, driven by constant feedback from landlords on our platform to create services that work seamlessly for all parts of the property investment journey.

“In collaborating with the NRLA, UK's largest landlord association, we aim to further increase the impact of hassle-free property investment for both seasoned and first-time investors, and are excited to connect with landlords from all over the world to do so.”

If you would like to learn more about the NRLA's partnership with GetGround, click here for further details.


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