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No need to evict! We sell buy-to-lets in 28 days to new landlords who want to keep your 'fireproof'� tenants

They've been dubbed 'fireproof tenants'� '� news this week reached fever pitch for landlords who rallied together in outrage to hear that multiple local councils had advised tenants 'not to move out of their houses'� no matter what, even if the landlord was in financial difficulty and needed to sell.

It's shocking, but it comes as no surprise to landlords who've been under pressure over a looming eviction ban. It seems as if that time is well and truly here.

But if you thought you'd lost your window to sell your properties before financial situations escalate, Landlord Sales Agency have the solution. You've no doubt heard of us from various articles, well there's a reason we're the most trusted and best at portfolio exits.

We help landlords sell, get the best possible prices, faster than anyone else and without having to worry about tenants, even ones that won't leave. In many cases we'll even get you higher than the current market value.

We also sell your entire portfolio, or however many properties you need to sell, in less than a month. Our average sale time is less than 28 days. What's more, and crucially, we can do all of that without you having to evict your tenants.

Furthermore, our team of experts know exactly what to do to help tenants in the situations that caused the problems in the first place, meaning that both landlords and tenants walk away happy. Unprecedented results for our industry.

How do we do it?

Our private buying database of over 30,000 buyers is full of new landlords interested in coming into the market and taking the properties off your hands no matter what issues. With fresh investment, they are more than happy to take on a new project with tenants regardless of the situation, allowing you to do what many of us need to do '� fast '� exit the market and cut our losses while we still can.

At Landlord Sales Agency we:

  • Sell tenanted properties easily as we get cooperation of the tenants to assist in the sale. We do deals with tenants when landlords sell to either leave or in many bases we simply sell to another, new landlord who is happy to take the property on
  • For vacant properties we can sell '�as-is' or assist landlords with refurbishments (both costs and builders) to clear/repair/refurbish and get the best price. We can project manage or assist landlords on what to do with a full team
  • If landlords need funds to pay tax bills, refurbs and mortgage shortfalls '� we can make those cash advances (subject to situation). We're so confident in what we do, we know we'll simply get our money back in the future from the sale
  • For appropriate properties; we can sell on market through our modern auction and investors - and off market if landlords want the least hassle for tenants
  • We can also sell properties with other B2B agents to maximise speed and price (e.g. other auctions houses and local agents) '� and have every angle and opportunity to sell a property for a landlord '� either we sell it or manage our trusted B2B partners to help sell it
  • We manage the whole property-portfolio sale from start to finish to get properties sold and win-wins for tenants/landlords and we will help tenants and landlords financially if needed for extra difficult situations

Put simply, there's absolutely no issue we cannot overcome. We're fast, efficient, and we care about solutions for everyone involved. We'll not only get you the best price you need for your buy-to-lets, we'll make sure everyone walks away happy.

You won't get a service like us from any other auctions or Estate Agents. Our formula one style team of landlord experts and builders will solve every single issue you may have with your properties in record time allowing you to sell this month, not in a year's time.

Landlords aren't the 'bad guys'� '� we need help more than ever, and Landlord Sales Agency are here for precisely that.

So get in touch today, and let us help you exit the market in the strongest possible financial position.


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