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Next 2 years are the best time to buy rental properties, according to the experts

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Now is the time to buy rental properties. If you're a new landlord, an investor, or a landlord looking to expand their portfolio, these next two years may be crucial for you to earn the highest return on investment.

It might seem contradictory following the downsizing of many landlord portfolios due to interest rates rising and the effects of tax regulations hitting profits however that's exactly why the timing won't get better than this.

For landlords exiting in order to keep their portfolios profitable, it makes complete sense to get rid of properties quick and in bulk to cut out the rot. But this opens up an even bigger opportunity for those wanting to buy: a depreciated market plus properties being sold in bulk, quickly, for attractive prices. The combination of the two means that for new investors, or for landlords who want to stay in the market, the opportunity to snap up properties is now, in this two year window.

The 'golden age' of super low interest rates and tax relief may have ended however for investors and landlords who are in strong strategic positions, a combination of low purchase prices and the ability to have high rental income means that this the best time to grow equity in long term property values.

It makes sense, therefore, that all eyes are on landlord buy-to-let selling companies, such as Landlord Sales Agency. For Landlords who want to sell, Landlord Sales Agency are the best company out there to help, but in the same vein this is precisely why they're also the best company to buy from. What's more, all their properties are brought up to standard prior to sale or set up with the best referrals to get any work done, with every metric, yield and ROI calculated and with a vast majority with tenants already in situ, who are happy to pay higher rents to any new landlords who take on the property. Put simply, these are ready-made deals at the best rates you'll get for property for another decade.

And it's not just the ready-made rental incomes that make these properties attractive, in over the last decade, house prices across Great Britain rose by an average of 53% and, as with the cyclical nature of the property market, this is primed to happen again with growth expected to rise significantly.

With proper planning and foresight, it's also possible to deduct interest costs from taxable profit and reduce stamp duty charges or capital gains taxes. These might be harsh market conditions for some, but for others this is a huge opportunity to make profits.

So if you're looking to buy, contact Landlord Sales Agency. They have the very best buy-to-let property deals, and they've established relationships with reliable tenants. They also collect a history of income and costs per property, as well as payment history per tenant, so buyers can start earning money from the moment a deal completes.

For those looking to purchase property without tenants in situ, Landlord Sales Agency work with existing tenants to help overcome all barriers and ensure they're relocated before the property is sold. It's a win-win situation for everyone.

For those needing mortgages, Landlord Sales Agency also work alongside the best independent mortgage brokers who can find buyers the best mortgage rates and can advise you on ways to release equity tied into other properties without having to sell them.

Whether you're looking to buy individual properties or whole property portfolios throughout the UK, contact Landlord Sales Agency today to browse our unbeatable property deals.

We even have the option to subscribe to property alerts so you can set your preferences to location and budget to receive notifications on any properties available to buy best suited to you.
The time to buy is now.

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