A new tech platform lets landlords capitalise on the increase in tenants looking to rent with a pet, while keeping on the rights side of the law.

PlanetRent generates fully compliant contracts in minutes, which can include a standardised pet-friendly clause and a fixed, transparent monthly charge to help cover the costs of keeping a pet in a rented home. It say the typical extra rent charged is £50 a month or £600 a year.

The tenant fees ban outlawed the use of fees charged to tenants who want to live with their pets, but it does allow landlords to charge extra rent for a dog or cat without being considered a ‘fee’.

While 44% of people in the UK are pet-owners, only 7% of buy-to-let investors advertise their property as suitable for pets because many worry about maintenance costs or the insurance implications of housing tenants with pets. 

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Planet Rent believes there could be even more potential renters looking for properties to share with a furry friend, as the pandemic has seen an increase in the number of people looking for pets as companions, with dog breeders especially reporting a massive increase in interest. The Kennel Club group recently reported a 180% rise in inquiries over the last year.

Unless buy-to-let landlords change their approach to pet-friendly rentals, they risk losing customers, warns Mary-Anne Bowring, founder of PlanetRent.co.uk.

She says: “While pets are typically associated with higher maintenance costs, landlords risk fishing from an ever-smaller pond by refusing to accommodate renters with pets, especially as the big institutional and corporate landlords entering Britain’s rental market are typically pet-friendly in their developments.”

PlanetRent allows documents to be accessed virtually and enables contracts to be generated in seconds so they can be e-signed by landlords, tenants and agents.


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