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MOULD: Minister vows to speed up 'Awaab's Law' as thousands sign petition

felicity buchan

The government has vowed to expedite a proposed law forcing landlords to respond quickly to complaints about damp and mould.

Housing minister Felicity Buchan (pictured) told MPs that proposals were being worked through, after it announced plans last week to tackle mould within the private and social housing sectors with updated guidance and initiatives.

It has also confirmed that the PRS's new housing ombudsman would lead the battle against mould.

Housing Secretary Michael Gove and Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Steve Barclay said an amendment to the Social Housing Regulation Bill, relating to hazards in social homes, would be tabled, capturing the spirit of '�Awaab's Law'.

They also promised reform to make information on housing health and safety simpler for tenants and landlords, while addressing other concerns raised by the coroner following the death of toddler Awaab Ishak.


In the Commons, Buchan said: 'The proposed law aims to make sure that landlords respond to complaints about damp and mould quickly and with the proper regard to risk to health. We are working through the specific recommendations to consider how changes could be made as soon as possible.'�

Meanwhile, a petition calling on the government to create Awaab's Law has reached 171,000 signatures. Organised by the Manchester Evening News, it aims to prompt legislation that will prevent any more children dying from damp and mouldy social housing, after Awaab died while living in a mouldy and poorly ventilated flat that led to him suffering heart failure.

His home was unfit for human habitation, but Rochdale Boroughwide Housing failed to rehome the family, despite their repeated requests.


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