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Sadiq Khan has today said that the government should introduce a ‘triple lock’ of measure that would make it almost impossible for landlords to evict many tenants after the Coronavirus has eased.

The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has called for the government to go even further to protect tenants and wants to see a ‘triple lock’ of measures that would make it almost impossible for landlords to evict tenants after the Coronavirus pandemic has passed.

Khan says he wants to see the government:

  • Increase benefit support for renters through higher Local Housing Allowance rates and a suspended Benefit Cap.
  • Permanently ban private landlords from evicting tenants who have run up rent arrears because of the Coronavirus pandemic and making Section 8 arrears’ grounds discretionary in court proceedings.
  • Bring forward ban of Section 21 ‘no fault’ evictions.

“For too long, renters in the capital and across the country have been denied the security they need in the place they call home. The current crisis has brought these issues into stark relief,” says Khan.

“With millions of low paid renters in London now facing increased financial uncertainty we face a ticking timebomb of debt, arrears and widespread evictions once the suspension in court proceedings is lifted.

The National Residential Landlords’ Association has supported one aspect of Khan’s proposals; to increase government support for tenants through the benefits system.

“Recent polling has indicated that just two per cent of private tenants have had to stop paying rent due to the pandemic whilst 78 per cent have not had to make any changes to their living situation. This shows that the vast majority of tenancies are continuing as normal which we welcome,” says its Chief Executive Ben Beadle.

“For those tenants who are struggling, by far the best solution is to ensure they are supported to prevent arrears building. We therefore welcome the Mayor’s calls to increase the Local Housing Allowance. In addition, we repeat our call on the Government to scrap the five week wait for the first payment of Universal Credit immediately and ensure tenants can have the housing element of the Credit paid directly to their landlord if they wish.”

Safer renting

The Mayor’s call for action is also being backed by legal charity Safer Renting, who spokesperson Ben Reeve-Lewis, says:“From what we are seeing on the ground, Government guidance for landlords and tenants to work together reasonably during this crisis isn’t getting through to the rogue landlord market.

“We are seeing no let-up in cases of harassment and illegal eviction. It’s just business as usual.”

Khan was due to face re-election on May 7th but has now been given an extra year in office as Mayor of London after the election was postponed until May 2021.

Read more about the Mayoral election.

Please Note: This Article is 2 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


  1. If tenants can’t be evicted when they don’t pay their rent some will choose to just not pay. How is that fair to LLs?

    • Private landlords are considered by the government and indeed nearly everyone except other landlords to be the scum on the cess pit, so anything which penalises them is considered fair game. Just wait until there is an acute shortage of private accommodation and then the landlords will perhaps be appreciated?

  2. I’ve had enough. I had a small portfolio of properties with good tenants and we had a terrific relationship but as their tenancies came to an end and moved on I sold them. Being demonised and taxed to the hilt was my breaking point. Khan will end up with big corporations owning massive portfolios, he may find it harder to bully these people.

  3. Flogging a dead horse if anyone thinks a private landlord will ever be appreciated. I think we’re supposed to work for nothing. Rent, apparently, is a discretionary expenditure. Will Quince, Govt Minister for Welfare Delivery has explicitly stated that DWP payment of the Housing Element of Universal Credit direct to tenants is a “considered design choice”. If Landlord is unhappy with non payment of rent, they can pursue arrears through court system. Yeah – right. Perhaps before spending millions tackling homelessness they should address why Govt policy is a huge contributing factor to said problem. Chances of that?

  4. Mr khan should spend more time instructing people to wear masks when out in public, what he has done on London buses should have been done weeks ago two little to late, what he is suggesting would make it nearly impossible for landlords to evict non paying tenants, As he knows nothing about the buy to let landlords he should keep his nose out of it.
    Most Buy To Let landlords depend on rent to pay mortgages, landlords have been hit already with not been able to off set mortgages against rent and the cut out of 10% depreciation
    He should spend more time concentration on this virus in London and how to avoid it and he is not doing much to reduce crime in London


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