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Mail for Previous Tenants

I'm receiving mail for previous tenants and some of them are from debt collectors. Will this get my property black listed and cause problems for my current tenants and myself in the future?

It's fairly common to have mail arriving for months and even years after residents have left, and often times these are debt collector's letters.You should return these to the mail unopened and maked: "Not at this address - Return to sender", whether there's a return address or not - there usually will be if it's debt collectors. Blank out the property address so the postman won't return it to you.There's no reason why this should affect the property as there's no such thing as a black list as far as the credit reference agencies go.The credit reference agencies hold data on individuals' and will supply it to any firms or landlords/agents when they do a search. The system is generally a scoring matrix based on previous credit, employment status, residency etc.So generally an address on its own would not form a credit record, it would need the combination of address and the person, which is why they ask for previous addresses when you have lived somewhere for a short time.If an idividual is refused credit and doesn't know why they can ask the credit agencies for their credit report to check its accuracy and if necessary demand correction.�LandlordZONE All Rights Reserved - never rely totally on these standard answers. Before taking action or not, always do your own research and/or seek professional advice with the full facts of the case and all documents to hand.


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