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Luton landlord to pay thousands after 'hindering' property safety probe

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A Luton landlord has been fined for the unusual offence of failing to provide documents relating to safety issues at his property.

Sarfraz Yousaf, of New Bedford Road, the director of Poplar Homes Ltd (pictured), was prosecuted by Luton Council after it reported that his reticence had hindered its investigation.

Last summer, the authority received a complaint relating to the poor condition of the house in St Peters Road. It alleged that the property did not have any fixed heating provision, no hot water and inadequate water services.

It was also reported that there were no smoke detectors, and the electric cooker was inappropriately connected and not conforming to current standards.


Poplar Homes (main image) was asked to provide the necessary information including ownership details as well as gas and electrical safety certificates, but repeatedly failed to do so and the council began legal proceedings.

Yousaf admitted the offence of not providing the correct and necessary documentation at Luton Magistrate's Court. Poplar Homes was fined �3,977, plus a victim surcharge of �1,231, and costs of �508, while the landlord was fined �768, plus a victim surcharge of �307.


The firm has been tasked with making the necessary improvements to the property and the council is working to ensure these are carried out, according to councilor Tom Shaw (pictured), portfolio holder for housing. He says part of any investigation requires it to be satisfied that the necessary documents are held.

'Failure to demonstrate that is a serious offence in its own right,'� adds Shaw. 'The quality of the property investigated was not of a sufficiently high standard and we have demanded that the landlords resolve this as quickly as possible.'�

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