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LSA selling landlord portfolios for higher than market value, faster than anyone else

If you need to sell you no longer have to worry about Estate Agents taking too long, or auctions offering too low a price, portfolio exit specialists are the solution.

Over the last 12 months we’ve have had to deal with impossible rules and regulations that have put an end to property being a savvy decision when it comes to making money. Put simply, unless you’re a new landlord with fresh cash, our rents just aren’t enough to make our portfolios worth it.

Understandably, some landlords have been on the fence. In the current market, landlords have been struggling to get out, with many agreeing to knock off 30% equity expected back from their houses just to get rid of them. Refurbs have gone up to around £30K per property, and buyers are trying to knock £70K off the price of un-refurbed properties to cover costs and make sure they still get their margins. That’s why so many landlords are turning to portfolio exit specialists, and the results speak for themselves.

At Landlord Sales Agency we’re beating the market drop and are selling properties no matter what their condition. Aith 250 landlords approaching us each month, we get landlords the best possible prices as fast as possible so they can exit and reinvest elsewhere.

For portfolios that need a refresh, we have a team of builders who can help you achieve the refurbs you need to get your properties sold. We’ll manage the entire portfolio for you to prep for sale. In some cases, we can even give landlords cash advances for the refurbs, we’re that confident.

In the cases where properties need even more building help than we can offer, we have the team to get you the best prices regardless. How? We’ll throw everything at the properties including all of our contacts and resources to get them sold for a high price. We know exactly what it takes to sell tenanted properties without a single change to the portfolio and get the rents up to attractive rates for buyers without needing to evict and without the stress of you having to get involved.

Our extensive database of 30,000 buyers ready to buy our deals triggers a bidding war over your buy-to-lets the moment we list them, full of new landlords who don’t mind taking the work on with pre-existing tenants. They have fresh cash and fresh investment to weather the storm no matter how long it takes, allowing you to get out with the most equity possible.

For any tax issues or outstanding bills we’re partnered with Property118 to help you sort it all out for you. There’s absolutely no problem we can’t fix when it comes to selling your portfolios.

Make no mistake, the market has got to a point where it’s not easy to sell, but our team is able to adapt, fix the difficult issues, go above and beyond to solve problems and inspire each other to get the sales over the line.

What’s more, unlike auctions which will take a huge chunk of the sale, or estate agents who will make promises that can take months or years versus weeks, we’ll sell your portfolio fast, no nonsense, no fees to pay, and we’ll simply take our costs out of the profit, allowing you to walk away with around 85% - 90% of the value.

We’re completely transparent with everything we do, and communicate to both buyers and sellers to ensure you know you’re getting a deal that everyone is happy with.

There's a bubble right now of landlords who need to sell urgently. We're in the right place at the right time, but it’s important to act now.

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