Tenants should be able to challenge Section 21 notices and get compensation if they’re forced to move home for reasons outside their control, says Generation Rent.

The campaign group is calling for measures to challenge ‘mandatory’ evictions when a landlord wants to sell and to help tenants fund the £1,700 that it costs an average household to move home.

Generation Rent says Section 21 is used by landlords when selling up, who can also abuse it to re-let at a higher rent, or to avoid making repairs.

40,000 households

Its research shows that more than 40,000 households in England have been threatened with homelessness by landlords using no-fault eviction grounds in the two years since the government promised to abolish them.

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Between April 2019 and March 2021, councils dealt with 557,030 cases of homelessness, of which 91,710 were private tenants facing eviction. Of these, 44,040 households were facing eviction due to their landlord selling up, re-letting or evicting following a complaint by the tenant – representing 0.9% of England’s 4.7m private renter households.

The Prime Minister’s local borough of Hillingdon has the second worst rate in the country, with 29 in every 1,000 private renter households having faced homelessness after complaining about disrepair, or after their landlord decided to sell or re-let their home.

Alicia Kennedy, director of Generation Rent (pictured), says: “Being forced to move for reasons outside your control creates unimaginable stress, uproots you from your community and disrupts children’s education. Right now, landlords need no reason to inflict this on their tenants.

“The government has rightly committed to the abolition of Section 21 evictions, but this is too late for the thousands of renters who have faced homelessness while the reforms have been delayed.”

Read more about Section 21 eviction notices.


  1. Most S21 are not ‘No fault’ – LLs don’t evict good tenants. Usually it is rent arrears or ASB etc – it is just simpler to evict using a S21. Perhaps once GenRent understand this they will come up with some more useful ideas. Oh – and by the way, if LLs have to compensate tenants when they are evicted, what do you think will happen to rents?

  2. It should be £1719 that LLs pay to tenants at the end of a good Tenancy and not £1700

    The reason is that when the LL increases the rent to cover that cost, £1719 divides much easier into 26 weeks (a std 6 month AST period).

    That means a nice round £66 PER WEEK rent increase for EVERY tenant.

    Oh wait, the “Generation Rent” group have now changed their minds? strange that.

    Of course, handing £1700 to GOOD tenants when they vacate would work well IF every tenant paid £1700 up front – oh, but don’t we already do that – it’s called a DEPOSIT (but even that has been reduced to make it easier for tenants).

  3. These Generation Rent idiots are really getting on my nerves. These kind of people always talk crap about “greedy landlords” forcing tenants out so they can “put up the rent”. No! This only applies to a very small minority of rogue landlords, the rest of us will never force out a good tenant, endure a void period, spend money on agents/advertising etc just to let it to someone else for a couple of hundred more a month.

  4. I have gifted all my BTL properties to my children and now I am claiming HB for these very reasons. It’s an easier life where the government pays my rent and the landlord does all repairs etc. It’s a stress free life.

  5. If it meant we could keep the section 21 I’d sign up for it. Good landlords with good tenants are never likely to use it and £1700 to get rid of a parasite “like what I have got” would be money well spent.

  6. Gen rent want to end up with Section 8 only…

    That means that in the past a non-paying tenant was issues Sec21 when behind in their rent and they just left after the required period “No-fault eviction” with landlord taking a hit on the lost rent and the tenant walking away without a blemish on their character.

    Forcing a Sec 8 means that same tenant ends up in court for non-payment and receives a CCJ along with the eviction… and a money order too.
    Meaning they will not be able to get a new AST or credit, mortgage etc or some jobs that require good character.

    Well done Gen Rent for giving your clientele a terrible future and giving me a lovely warm feeling of joy knowing that non-payment will stop pretty quick once the word gets out that its no longer an option to stiff a landlord for rent without consequences.

    Many landlords leaving the PRS because of the likes of Shelter, Gen Rent, govt regulations etc. rents are already increasing and only the best applicants will pass selection in future.

    • Agreed. In reality gen tent hates tenants. All it wants is to have headlines to make themselves look good so that they still get paid to carry on. Gen rent are forcing tenants rents to increase & ruining perfrectly good Landlord / Tenant relationships /agreements.

  7. I have a same tenant for over 20 years in my one property. I have put up rent only 4 times. Pay rent on time, looks after the property so why would I evict him.
    Idiot tenants who are want to be lasers and expect everything for free and don’t pay rent will get evicted. Simple business sense. Don’t care what these idiots and the pressure groups say or want. Worst case keep the property empty. Let these tenants pay higher rent or stay on temporary accommodation all their life.

  8. What a load of spin! 40,000 no fault evictions does not mean 40,000 were moved on due to no fault. Probably the opposite. Nor did 40,000 households face homelessness. I imagine the majority found a new home and, in all likelihood, the only ones who could not find a new home were bad tenants. Though I do agree with the idea of compensating a tenant where the landlord simply wants possession.

  9. Still waiting for Generation Rent, Shelter and the rest to start buying some housing stock and showing the PRS how it is done…..

    Afterall, according to them, there is no such thing as a bad tenant, and all landlords are rogues.

  10. No one seems to be suggesting that tenants pay landlords when they want to move out prior to a tenancy agreement ending. As mine did, 5 months into a 12 month fixed term agreement they had themselves demanded (I always had a break clause previously – they wanted ‘security’), but then wanted to break immediately when their ‘relationship broke down’. I somewhat agree with the proposal, in fact; but make it 2-way so that tenants must pay if they want to break agreements which are no fault of the landlord’s.

    And meanwhile people do need to be able to sell a property – I’m not sure why someone wanting to sell is put into the same bracket as evicting tenants in order to re-let at higher rents etc. By all means have a longer notice period, but selling one’s property needs to be a right; and potentially having to wait years to do so until incumbent tenants may want to move out should be self-evidently unacceptable. One wonders what kinds of behaviours it may lead to; if people want/need to sell up and have no discernible normal recourse for doing so.

    • This is exactly the situation that transpired in the 1970’s… landlords left in droves and the current system that we have today (AST’s) was introduced as the ONLY way to get investment into the PRS…

      We are going full circle, no lessons learned, Complete madness.

  11. I am a 21 year experience landlord with kids in student let’s

    So I see both sides I’ve never evicted anyone from my 6 properties and I’ve been soft and returned deposited £ majority or tenants thought of me a friend with Jay 2 of the 40 odd a bit less friendly.

    if £1700 got rid of tenants yiu wanted our – guaranteed – then is it worth paying .. maybe oh would this apply to re occupation of house once you own home – and let for a bit … ?

  12. These left wing organisations are filled with hatred towards anyone they think has a few quid. They think capitalism is evil and everyone is entitled to everything, whether they can afford it or not. They are deluded. Section 21 is used the vast majority of the time to get rid of tenants who have breached the conditions of their contract, because it’s less risky than section 8, but, irrespective of this, the house belongs to the landlord, not the tenant, and the landlord has to be entitled to take back his property and use it as he sees fit, subject to following the rules specified in the legal agreement understood and agreed by all parties at the outset of the tenancy.

  13. Having to move occasionally is a function of renting. Good tenants don’t (often) get evicted, as stated above.

    Anyway, why do I keep reading stories of Generation Rent and others coming up with ideas to improve the situation of tenants but I don’t read stories of NRLA and others trying to proactively improve landlords’ lot?

  14. If I go on holiday and rent somewhere in the Lake District for two weeks, will the landlord refund the cost of the rent when I leave … ha ha


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