Tenants can read their tenancy agreement and request repairs using a trailblazing new app.

Automated lettings platform PlanetRent’s native tenant app aims to simplify the lettings process as well as cut costs and reduce admin time by connecting landlords, tenants, agents, contractors and accountants, and letting them access information.

Tenants can find important documents on it, including their tenancy agreement and inventory checklist, along with the floorplan and utility records.

They can also log repairs and maintenance requests directly through the app rather than contacting their agent or landlord, who can then use it to notify the tenant when they’ve finished any work.

The app was developed by residential property consultancy, Ringley Group, which believes it’s the first of its kind. The firm has invested more than £2m in creating tech products for the property market and aimed to help agents and landlords meet social distancing requirements when it launched PlanetRent in March.

The platform allows documents to be accessed virtually and enables contracts to be generated in seconds so they can be e-signed by landlords, tenants and agents.

bowring planet rent

Mary-Anne Bowring, Ringley Group MD (pictured), says this new tenant app helps renters do everything on the move.

She adds: “With another lockdown or further social distancing restrictions imminent, the ability to work remotely and seamlessly while minimising human contact will be crucial and PlanetRent will help landlords, agents, contractors and tenants do exactly that.”

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