Fast-growing tenants’ union Acorn has opened its latest branch, this time covering the towns of Falmouth and Penryn in Cornwall.

Lead by local Dan Newman, who recently graduated from Falmouth University, landlords and letting agents in the area can expect action from the group when they are in dispute with tenants.

He says his key concerns are the number of PRS properties being transferred to the short-lets/Airbnb market, rising evictions and unfair treatment of tenants by landlords.

“Newman (pictured) warns landlords that, like other groups within the Acorn network in the UK, he is not afraid to take direct action against property managers and owners including email campaigns, pickets and eviction resistance events/+.

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“We deserve affordable housing and rental properties. Cornwall is not a playground, it is not just a tourist-hot-spot and nice place to live by the beach if you have the cash for it – it’s our home, it’s our culture, our family, friends, livelihoods – and we can’t even afford to live here,” he told local media.

Acorn has been growing both in size and both levels and scope in activity in recent years. Its most visible actions have included picketing landlords’ homes and letting agency branches.

The organisations, which was founded in Bristol seven years ago, now has operations in in 18 cities and 21 branches.


This includes Aberystwyth, Brighton, Cambridge, Cardiff, Coventry, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Newcastle, Norwich, Nottingham Oxford, Sheffield, Stoke, Swindon, York and now Cornwall.

It also has a presence in three London boroughs – Lambeth, Haringey and Enfield.

As well as engaging in direct action, Acorn is also involved in efforts to persuade councils to renew or introduce property licensing schemes in many areas including, recently, in Brighton & Hove, and its Manchester branch is backed by actress Maxine Peake.


  1. Newman is unhappy that landlords are transferring from AST to more profitable short term let’s. Maybe he should question why they are doing this maybe its down to idiots warning of direct action against landlords.

    Surely the warnings he is issuing are illegal and should lead to him being visited by the police for a quiet word . But I bet that won’t happen. However, if local landlords were to issue a warning that any tenants in rent arrears may be subject to an email campaign or subject to pickets at their addresses . I suspect that this course of action would lead to police intervention

  2. I can’t help but wonder if these tenant advocacy groups actually consider the consequences of their actions. Much of the anti-landlord legislation and compliance, in large part, has been implemented in response to leftie pressure groups. The consequence being far more risk, cost and hassle which has lead to reduced stock and higher rents, as well as landlords moving over to airB&B. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot! And when you consider most tenants are happy with their landlords (over 85% a couple of years back), the vast majority of happy tenants are having to pay the price as a direct result of the actions of a small (often politically motivated) minority.

  3. I can only presume he owns his own place or has a tenancy in a council Ghetto because with such adverse publicity I imagine his chances of being granted a tenancy in the PRS in future is zero.

    After reading “Cornwall is not a playground”… it reminded me of Passport to Pimlico another English comedy, with a touch of “Wolfie Smith” thrown in for good measure.

    Just shows that years ago a person had to be very clever to go to university, now any idiot can “Buy” a degree via a student loan.

    Any right thinking graduate with a huge student loan to service would be looking for a job rather than looking for trouble.

  4. The journalist needs to be made aware that the past tense of the verb lead is led! Anyway, these people are little more than terrorists. Do what we say, or else we will terrorise you…. and the authorities do nothing.

  5. There are very few lenders or freeholders that permit AirBnB.

    So essentially mass LL mortgage fraud is occurring for those LL who ars mortgaged.

    All it would take is for Acorn for £2 to LR for the mortgage provider of an AirBnB property.
    The lender would be obligated to call in the lian of a LL mortgage fraudster.

    Just a couple of repossessions by Lenders and millions of AirBnB would stop.

    They would have to return to AST.

    I fully support LL mortgage fraud.
    It is the only way to evade ridiculous anti- LL regulations like the dysfunctional eviction process.

    Acorn clearly are incompetent.
    For £2 they could force LL to give up AirBnB.
    Obviously this wouldn’t affect mortgage free LL.
    But they are only half of the PRS.

    It would be quite easy to detect where AirBnB properties were and obtain for £2 the complete LR information.

    For a start very few if any freeholder permits AirBnB!!!

    All Acorn has to do is grass up AirBnB LL to freeholders and Lenders.
    There would be an AirBnB collapse overnight!!!

    I’m sure as well Council Tax fraud might also ve occurring etc.

    It is highly UNLIKELY that a lender will not call in a loan once they are aware of mortgage fraud.

    Acorn need to get grassing if they wish to prevent mortgaged LL from evading letting to AST tenants.

    LL are evading NOT avoiding as all BTL mortgages require an AST.
    Anything other than that is mortgage fraud!!

  6. Tenants should not rely on housing benefit for their upkeep. Go to work as previous generation did and aspire to better your self through hard graft. Rather then living off social media, designer labels and visiting coffee bars to in effort of getting noticed and getting self importance.
    Their campaign is influences clueless politicians looking for quick fix. This has lead to growth of short let market. Landlords have only responded as they are trying to survive. Tenants landlords live a lavish lifestyle on the rent they receive but the truth is by the time you pay mortguage, tax, and managing your tenants the return is not great.Tenent have a choice then can work hard, save and buy their properties mo one is stopping them.
    Stop politics of envy and start promoting and working with landlords for mutual benefit-or landlords will not invest in the sector and life will get tough for tenants with them fighting for place to live as it is happening now. With Brexit the rental market should have stabilised. But it is having opposite effect. Education the politicians and change you focus and campaign otherwise this will get worse.
    Don’t expect freebies and society owes you a living Grow up and start living in the present work hard to thrive to achieve you goals . Landlords had to do it and make sacrifices and choices no one had given them pot of money to become landlords.
    Get government to provide secure well paid jobs do you can have what you need , The thatcher have destroyed the collective bargaining of unions that is one of the reasons the present generation is at the mercy of cooperate global companies and working working for zero hour contracts
    Get your policies and campaign focused on real reason for you predicament. Rather than take the easy solution.

  7. So Mr Dan Newman has graduated has he not even learned that Local Authorities are the biggest single cause of unaffordable rent, loading on costs year on year, some Boroughs taking £20m off Private Sector Landlords, can he not start at the root of the Problem given he is so Brave.


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