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LATEST: Renters' Reform Bill due next week after Coronation, says Gove

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The Renters' Reform Bill is finally due to be published next week '� four years after it was first discussed.

As predicted, the draft legislation will begin life a few days after the King's coronation, Housing Secretary Michael Gove confirmed on Sky News this morning.

Gove said: 'We're introducing new legislation, it will be out next week and it will change the way in which the relationship between landlords and tenants work, providing tenants with new protection which should ensure that they're better protected from arbitrary rent increases.'�

Many in the sector are now bracing themselves in readiness for what the Bill could contain, and which is expected to a different name.

Crash helmets

Tenancy expert at PRS Mediation, Julie Ford, posted: 'Crash helmets on people! We've got a good idea of what's going to be in there, we've seen the consultation and Bill in its original form and seen the white paper but what it's actually going to look like, who knows?

"We know Section 21 will be abolished and we need to get ready for that, but what else is going to be in there? We'll have to wait and see.'�

Fun week

NRLA chief executive Ben Beadle commented: 'Secretary of State Michael Gove confirms that we will see the long awaited #rentersreform bill next week. A fun week ahead beckons!'�

The government first announced its proposals in on '�a new deal for renting: resetting the balance of rights and responsibilities between landlords and tenants' back in 2019, followed by a White Paper last year.

After a protracted consultation, suggested measures are set to include abolishing Section 21, a property portal, requiring private rented properties to meet the Decent Homes Standard and establishing a new ombudsman covering private landlords.

Last month Michael Gove held a roundtable meeting with key representatives from the private rental sector to discuss the reforms, including the NRLA, Generation Rent, Shelter, the Local Government Association, and National Housing Federation.


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