The government is to launch a consultation on plans to introduce a national register in England for holiday lets which will look at their effect on local housing supply and whether greater compliance with health and safety regulation is needed.

Farron is both the party’s housing spokesperson and MP for a leading holiday hotspot constituency in the Lake District, Westmorland and Lonsdale.

This announcement came during a parliamentary debate on the issue in parliament called by former LibDem leader Tim Farron. The announcement follows previous government rebuttals that holiday lets could be a problem for communities in holiday hotspots, and that it was largely a matter for the market, not government, to tackle.

In answer to comments by speakers including Hunters founder and MP Kevin Hollinrake and shadow housing minister Matthew Pennycook that a national register would shed light on how many holiday rentals there are in England, housing minister Chris Pincher revealed that a consultation on the matter is due.

Advertse effects

“We recognise that a large number of second homes and holiday lets can have adverse effects in some areas, so I will look closely at his proposals and at the points raised by other colleagues,” he said.

“We also do not have the information needed to understand how, and for how long, a property is being used.

“I can confirm that we propose to consult on the introduction of a tourist accommodation registration scheme in England so that we can build an understanding of the evidence and the issues that second homes present, particularly when driven by the rise of online platforms such as Airbnb.

“We will launch that consultation later this year and will begin the process of a call for evidence in the coming weeks.

“We want to look at not just the issue of short-term holiday letting, but the effect that it has on supply. We will also look at compliance, health and safety regulations and the effect of antisocial behaviour and so on.”

Read the debate in full.


  1. The vast majority of AirBnB is based on FRAUD.

    I know of NO block insurer that allows AirBnB.
    Very few freeholders allow short-term letting of any sort.

    I believe there is only 1 lender that will lend for AirBnB.
    That means that any leveraged LL is committing mortgage fraud.

    Identification of fraudster LL would effectively wipe out AirBnB.
    Strangely nobody wishes to investigate the fraud with insurers; lenders and freeholders………..Why!?

    I suggest to start with flats as 99% will be fraudulent AirBnB lets.

    Another issue is how would lodgers be policed!?

    There is no minimum and maximum tenure length though of course unlike AirBnB guests ANY lodger is required to pass RTR checks for which LL must retain records.

    Also the LL must be shown as on the Council Tax register or the occupants couldn’t be lodgers.

    I’m afraid for too long LL have justifiably engaged in mass letting fraud.

    They can’t be blamed in doing so as they have only attempted to counter bonkers Govt. Policies like S24 and the completely dysfunctional repossession process made even worse by idiot Govt banning evictions.

    AirBnB and FHL was a natural form of tenure to move to from AST.

    Govt could easily check on fraudulently let properties.
    A register WON’T achieve much as you can hardly register fraudulent lettings!!!!

    LL will have to adjust what they do.

    With few avenues open to them selling up will be the response of many.

    Don’t see how effectively forcing LL to sell up makes the property available for an AST tenant!!

    Most of the properties will return to homeownership by up and downsizers
    Very few FTB will buy just because LL sell up.
    Most tenants can’t afford to buy so more properties on the market WON’T assist homeless tenants!!

    Mortgage lenders WON’T want a register as if any LL is dopey enough to register then Govt may advise mortgage lenders.

    Those lenders will be forced to call in loans once they become aware from Govt that their borrower is breaching mortgage conditions.

    Of course such a register is a great method to force even more LL out of business.

    But I do wonder where all the current tenants will go!?

    Perhaps that old adage of letting sleeping dogs lie might be a more pragmatic response from Govt!?


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