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Landlords with 20 properties or more are choosing to sell with these portfolio exit specialists

This year our economy, regulations and taxes were the final straw that led landlords rushing to sell off their portfolios to beat the market drops, mortgage versus rent gaps and refurb issues.

For Landlord Sales Agency, experts in selling buy-to-let portfolios, the highest percentage of enquiries are now coming from Landlords with portfolios of 20 or more houses.

This makes complete sense when considering exactly what’s required to manage these portfolios to keep them profitable versus the money made from selling. In the words of one large portfolio landlord, “it makes sense to cut the rot.” Many properties have been part of their portfolios for 10 – 15 years, have tenants paying low rents and are in need of costly refurbs. It just doesn’t make sense to throw such a huge time and cash investment into something that they can shift quickly, and refocus elsewhere.

At Landlord Sales Agency, we’re specialists in selling large portfolios. Right now, we have a database of over 30,000 private buyers waiting to buy who are alerted by text messages every time we take on a new portfolio to sell meaning we’re beating any potential market recession. The main reason landlords are coming to us is that we’re able to sell faster than anyone else, for the best possible price.

We take the entire portfolio off your hands, manage every aspect of the sale including tenants – either selling properties with tenants in situ to new landlords willing to take on the work, or helping tenants relocate as fast as possible for you.

Every single issue is handled, and our average sale times are 28 days.

Our expert team of over 10 specialists in getting landlord properties sold works around the clock to get your portfolio sold, all you have to do is get in touch.

Our strategy is strong, focused and effective:

  • We manage the entire sale for you, to Formula 1 style efficiency, with experts trained to overcome every possible issue that might arise
  • We have a waiting list of new landlord buyers actively looking for business deals meaning we can sell with tenants in, regardless of the situation or rents
  • We also sell to owner occupiers, first time buyers and investors who we have trusted relationships with, and who are happy to pay more for our properties
  • We ensure all required certificates and legislation is current and in place and any quick repairs that need doing to meet standards are sorted by our in-house team of builders and electricians
  • If tenants need relocating, we have relationships with local councils to help, even providing pre-paid rent in some cases for tenants in their new homes so they’re happy and able to move quickly
  • Our database of 30,000+ of private buyers and investors are text every time we take on a new portfolio, meaning we have buyers queuing to buy before we’ve even listed a property portfolio
  • We secure offers early in the process to avoid gazumping and wasted costs
  • Our company is run by landlords and has relationships with the biggest landlord associations to ensure our service is trusted, to a gold standard, and every single obstacle is overcome to help you sell, FAST.

In the last 12 months we’ve helped over 200 LandlordZONE landlords looking to sell. We know exactly what to do, and we’re here to help.

So get in touch today.


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