Leading property lawyer David Smith has re-assured landlords that they will not be forced to take tenants as pets, despite two recent initiatives.

During a webinar hosted by property repairs platform Fixflo, Smith said neither the government’s recommended new pet-friendly model tenancy or MP Andrew Rosindell’s Dogs and Domestic Animals (Accommodation and Protection) Bill would change much.

Smith, who works for London legal firm JMW and is often seen in parliament advising MPs on rental law and policy, says the MP’s pets bill is ‘unlikely’ to see the light of day and that the new model tenancy is not mandatory, despite frequent claims to the contrary.

“The Dogs and Domestic Animals (Accommodation and Protection) Bill is a ten-minute rule bill and won’t go anywhere in parliament – it won’t happen,” he says.

He has a point – although it got through it’s first reading, the bill was supposed to get its second reading on the 29th January but this has yet to materialise.

“Also, I’ve seen loads of local press articles claiming that landlords have to accept pets now either based on Rosindell’s proposed bill or the recent change to the government’s model tenancy agreement.

“But that is not the case – and neither do I think it will ever be the case.”

He told landlords and letting agents attending the webinar ‘not to worry about having to accept tenants with pets’.

Rosindell (pictured) believes otherwise. He is hosting an online event in partnership with the Society for Companion Animal Studies on 26th February, which is calling for a ‘pet in every home’ and is therefore supporting his bill, along with Battersea Dogs & Cats Home and campaigning group PAAWS.

Watch the Fixflo webinar.


  1. I’d like to comment via your “Poll” but I stay away from Social Media therefore cannot do so and many landlords are like me.

    By using twitter to conduct polls you will not get a true picture of the sector.

    I do know what I’m talking about I worked for 7 years in a Marketing and PR dept and have a Business & Marketing degree. I got A’s in my Market Research modules.

  2. Government hates landlords and councils behave terribly. They will force landlords to take pets so selling anyway. Had no legislation that is favourable to landlords so selling. Also not getting all the rent cant even charge for late payments. No court support. Sell sell sell and don’t trust the article.

  3. I too would like to comment via your “Poll”, but I don’t “do” social media.
    What ever the law states on pets, surely the law cannot make me contravene the superior lease on my flat, which stipulates No Pets.

  4. Agree with Stephen and Dips. I’m a daily user of the internet and Teams, but I don’t touch Twitter; never been asked before to do a poll on Twitter. Please use another platform.
    And no, we don’t do pets. And they are forbidden in the headleases anyway.

  5. Due to covid limitations, parliament is not sitting to hear private members bills at all, which is why there is no second reading yet and probably won’t be. 10-minute rule bills take the lowest priority.
    (It got through the first reading, as it is the convention to pass all PMB at this stage).

  6. I hope LandlordZone don’t use these Twitter stats. It shows 48% of the vote for pets 42% against. The Against vote is likely to include landlords only, since I doubt there would be many tenant votes in this camp, but the For vote is likely to include tenants. Arguably, the majority of for votes could be from tenants.

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